There's no way I couldn't be...
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3 Responses Aug 27, 2014

A total ellipsis of the heart down here. Who knew trailing punctuation could lead to an over arching lecture about gender roles and the dark side of comedy?

Btw, the fact that I even responded to your post (I always have something to say, but do not always say it) shows you how smartassedness never completely wears off. ;)

Just dont let anger be your reason for any random snide comebacks, that is too easy. Or, at least be charming enough that the anger is never obvious. Always be a girl. Dont try to act like a boy. Unless that is who you really are.

Its good you are very sure of everything there is to know in the world. You must have experienced alot to be self assured enough to be able to be a smart ***. It takes a wealth of knowledge, worldly experience and/or a big ego.

Hopefully your is not the big ego part. That part is the destructive one.

A self effacing sense of humor would round it out so your views are more accepted.

Unless you are just trying on purpose to be contrary. Which would be ugly. Careful not to end up just being petulant and impertinent. There is no charm or correctness (or winning) in those qualities or behaviors. It gets gross, Ive seen it happen.

Otherwise, good to be a little bit smart *** (aka "cynical" as an adult) to balance out the confusion, mysteries and realizations that will happen as you learn and mature.

At least you have a strong sense of yourself--in your own mind. Its not an all together bad place to be. You can at least protect yourself that way and "feel" right most of time. Regardless of the actual situation.