Annnnd Proud to Be. :)

Lots of people tell me I'm a smartass but it doesn't really bother me.  I think if I was a MEAN smartass then there would be a problem, but I usually do it jokingly.  For example, I was out with a friend who was complaining about her stepmother and her family, who are all British.  She said they drink entirely too much and even scheduled "hangover time" the day after July 4.  I asked her, "They're British!  They lost that one!  What the hell do they care?"  If you can't laugh at the idiots in your life, it's gonna be a lonnng journey to the grave. ;)

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2 Responses Jul 9, 2009

I loved that one....hahahahaha....parting on the fourth...and they were the losers...hehehehehe<br />
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Well maybe they see the shape that this country is in right now....and say...Thank God we lost...hehehehehe

LoL....I agree that if you can't laugh you're in for a long boring ride... and good one about the Brits coping with July 4!