The Macys store by my house i have stopped going into i will tell you why... It drives me absolutely insane to be hounded and followed through a store ! One day my mom (poor mom) and i were shopping and the sales clerk got on my last nerve !  "Is there something i can help you find " For like the tenth time damn stalker ... I turned looked her in the eye and said " No i haven't found anything i want to steal yet but when i do i will let you know !" My mother let out a Michelle!!! Then giggled . Needless to say the sales clerk left me alone

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Lol its annoying

My mom works at Macy's. She loves it, but remember they have to do that to everyone, not just you.


I NEVER would have guessed.

Yeah that kind of thing would have been real ugly for the department store .... i have always been a smart *** even young .

LOL, you just totally have the look of a shoplifter. I was hassled in a big upscale department store when I was a kid. I was not even thinking of shoplifting, but still they tooke me in a room and intimidated the hell out of me.


Don't tell him shhhh

Yet Jim lets us out in public muhahahahha . Cass thank you