I Need to Quit Soon... Again....

....the patches in my medicine cabinet expire in April!    My greatest fear is weight gain, but I did it last year for several months & never gained a single ounce, so not sure why I started again.  But when I think about giving it up.... the morning ciggies with my nice hot strong coffee & a book... hmmmm.... when I think about it, it's mostly a coffee thing.  OH NO!!!!   I don't wanna give up coffee too... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

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2 Responses Feb 11, 2009

Aw man, no way. I don't do "swelling." My bro. & I have an inside joke... we have some southern relatives who like to pat their bellies & say "I'm swelled" in their cute southern accents... so we always say that after a big pizza or Thanksgiving dinner. "Oh, I'm swelled..." Or if we've gained a few pounds. Not fat, mind ya... "swelled". At any rate, I'm so glad it wasn't even worse---I mean, you throat can sometimes swell shut. Glad you're OK!

Ha HA!!! I didn't know it could mess up a non-smoker that way. Had friends over to dinner last nite & the dude is taking that Chantix... he says it makes him depressed & cranky & mean, etc. Great! You get to live longer but everyone around you wishes you would croak.