Snake, It Suits Me Well

love to curl up in my bed and stay there for hours until ther eis something I need to do. I never forget when someone has wronged me or my family! I may forgive but you better believe that I will not allow you a chance to wrong us again, if I can help it. I am known to be harsh and to the point. I will single you out if you are not doing what you should be doing. But then again, I'd rather you not point out my faults. That's just not a good idea. People sometimes just don't understand the way I am. It's taken me a long time to realize this. I don't make excuses for the person I am anymore. I just tell them that I am that snake in the grass and you bet that I will smell a rat. I am very sensuous as snakes can be. I like to move through my world with grace as if I am not touching anything else. But you had better not look at my car cuz it's all dented up. I like to go too fast!

I was born in 77. My dad in 41. Both snakes.. so take a look and tread lightly. If you know a snake, give them some grace it may just save your skin.

My mother and the father of my daughter are both monkeys. They just love to stir **** up when everything has just settled down. They love to hit the panic button. Now as you can well imagine, this does not set well with a snake.. We like things to be cool. So those two family members do get on my nerves. man do they ever!!

I have been with different types. I guess I would have to say I like roosters and snakes the best. There is nothing like curling up with another snake and napping the day away. The rooster was fun, passionate and new how to stir things up without spilling the pot. I look for compatabilities in my Feng-Shui book but none seem to fit quite like another snake.

So wish me well or don't. I am what I am


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3 Responses Feb 21, 2009

My girlfriend was also born under the sign of the snake. We were introduced to each other through another lady friend and I was very excited when she told me her age since I have longed hoped to find a lady friend under this sign (I'm a rooster, born 1969). She is also very sensual and I enjoy being close to her. Interestingly enough, she is also a libran like me. So far, we are getting along quite famously !

I bet tigers and snakes are good combo.

I was born in 65. My dad and my husband are Dragons (1940 & 1964) by chinese horoscope. We have very good relationship and I adore my husband!