My Friends Drive Me Nuts

  They are my friends, of course I love them but sometimes....ARRRG!
My one friend is my age(quite young) and already has kids, and a boyfriend who is about as useful as, a piece of moldy bread.  She ******* and moans about how annoying & useless he is, then the second I ask her about maybe leaving him, she jumps in how much she loves him, next she says she'll muddle through, then it's back to bitching.
  My other friends relationships consist of people she meets on Facebook, they also tend to live in different states.  She insists that no man/woman would love her/ like the way she looks if they knew her in real life.  I keep telling her she is beautiful inside and out, but since I am not interested romantically, it doesn't really count.  When breakups happen the week of mourning consists of her moaning about it not working out and not understanding why.
thanks for letting me rant.
stopcallinstopcallin stopcallinstopcallin
18-21, F
2 Responses Jul 30, 2011

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