Would You Snuggle Me?

Snuggle me up, snuggle me tight.

Would you snuggle me tonight?

I long for your touch,

I long for your hugs.

Just snuggle me till it's broad daylight.

The touch of our bodies, 

The feel of our warmth.

Just snuggle me before it's gone.

So I'll ask today if you'll remain,

Would you snuggle me again........................


:) Anyone wants to snuggle?.....
lexuslourve lexuslourve
41-45, F
10 Responses Oct 4, 2011

I do....I do! I wants snuggles.

Thanks for stopping by to read this post..lol it's written some time back.. giggles... :)

Exactly 2 years ago...I think.

Oh my D... really exactly 2 years lol.. it's been that long I've been on EP!!! ... and so much has changed.. :)

You should check out the new website I've put together! I've been hoping someone would make a website like this for a long time, and since no one has, I've decided to do it myself! It is designed to be a hub for all people who like or are curious about touch (hugs, cuddles, etc.) to come together in one community, and to connect with other great touch resources!


Be sure to register!

ohhhhhh i would love somone to hold and hold me her head in my chest my arms around her.

can we snuggle??? =) lol

I highly recommend this site! http://www.cuddlecomfort.com/ It's still new but it is the perfect idea! And help spread the word if you can :)

that sounds really nice.....................

It is....:))

mmmmmmIneed 2 snuggle. online chatting, BUT i need this too..........

I'd enjoy that!

looking forward to it.... :)

We can have a virtual snuggle

That would be awesome....*winks*..hehehehe

I'd love to snuggle up to someone!

Me too.....*winks*

What a simple short sweet and adorable poem...think about being on the beach gazing at stars, and listening to the waves crash...

Awesome..the best place to be...with a special someone..all snuggled up...