I Always Was A Snuggler

This is such a cute little group :) I've always been extremely affectionate, maybe too much so at times. Thinking about it I'm really missing it now. What a feeling to just curl up on the couch all cozy and nessled into someone special. Or crawling into bed at night with that feeling of excitement in your stomach as you get closer to your cuddle buddy. No wonder I've not been sleeping nights. I always slept so much better snuggled in with a loved one. The safety and security of it is all too peaceful. I have body pillows, throw pillows, Teddy Bears, several different sized pillows and stuffed animals on my bed and still cannot relax enough to fall asleep. Nothing can take the place of a warm, loving body and the feelings you get while cuddled together as one. When you climb into bed tonight remember how lucky you are that you chose each other to snuggle with every night :)
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You are so right... nothing beats snuggling! I miss it.

I highly recommend this site! http://www.cuddlecomfort.com/ It's still new but it is the perfect idea! And help spread the word if you can :)

Hey you can't beat a nice snuggle especially if the weather is bad! ;)

You've got that right...Especially when the weathers bad! Ok I'm gonna leave it at that...Hmmm ;)

>>>snuggle buddy right here<<

Aww I just bet you're the BEST Snuggle Buddy EVER Tarule! ;)

thnx hun :)

sittin here lookin at your butt pic.& just wishing i was goin to be snugglen of cuddlen up with you sexy

very poetic. I love it.

I soooooo get that!! I miss snuggling!!! My pillow seems ok with it too thakfully! LOL

its a awesome story sexy

Aw thanks so much hon! xxx

use to remember all my dreams &amp; majority of them were very sexual ,but none of the women in mine ever had a butt as big &amp; sexy as yours :) why ??lol

That was nice!

Aw, thanks sweetie! :)

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