My Own Little Piece Of Paradise

I am an affectionate person naturally and physical contact is a must for me. I love the thought of snuggling and cuddling up to that special someone and just being together in that relaxing state. It would make me completely content and if it were possible I'd do it every night for the rest of my life. When some people are looking for their own peace and tranquility in a place or lifestyle, I know I would find mine there in those arms.
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4 Responses Aug 29, 2012

You should check out the new website I've put together! I've been hoping someone would make a website like this for a long time, and since no one has, I've decided to do it myself! It is designed to be a hub for all people who like or are curious about touch (hugs, cuddles, etc.) to come together in one community, and to connect with other great touch resources!

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I highly recommend this site! It's still new but it is the perfect idea! And help spread the word if you can :)

What a beautifully sweet story. I do hope you get your wish.

me too, I'm a master cuddler.. just saying..