I love to snuggle underneath warm covers but it is so much better to snuggle naked. MMMM the feel of two bodies merged as one is heavenly.

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I highly recommend this site! It's still new but it is the perfect idea! And help spread the word if you can :)

Naked Snuggles are best I call them Nuggles!!!!!

LOL not sure where.

Damn ....just damn.....and you've been WHERE all my life ?? lol

i had one under my finger nail once but it didn't bother me.

Oh that makes my boobies hurt BB. Oh my that hurts.<br />
<br />
i understand Ar how some people feel no pay.

yeah but my body has an over abundance of it. It is good in a way but it would take me a while to explain how it isn't good. Short story i don't ever feel pain unless it is a small nick.

Sometimes, but l think getting cut hurts pretty doggone bad anyway.

ok then all is okay.

but i didnt feel any pain so its like im not hurt.

Oh yes! Huggles are the best.

Yes two naked bodies snuggling and spooning is so tranquil and heavenly. Like this mention of huggles too!!!

I don't like when you are hurt sweetie.

I dunno what you are sorry for. I must of cut it just right because i didn't feel any pain but that could be my adrenaline at work too.

yeah ive had a lot of injuries since i was always in a fight since i was little. and growing up on a farm i would play out side with things i found. A farm is like a old junk pit with crap so there was always something to do. but a lot of ways to get hurt too.

Wow, I thought i had a lot of scars but you win.

hey i am an adult too ill be 20 in 3 months i think. yeah i am ok. Was a lot of blood but i didn't feel anything. I have scars all over my body i am so use to pain cuts etc... ill bet i have over 200 scars on my two hands alone.

Oh floyd,,, I missed you comment. bring the puppy.<br />
<br />
I will cut it up y'all. I am an adult and can use a knife. Are you ok Ar?

Im not allowed to use a knife atm. I just cut myself and my whole hand was bloody so they was all freaking out and i was laughing at them. but anyway they wont let me use a knife i cant put the stuff in the sauce.


Uh huh!!!

All is right with the world when it is chilly out and you have the luxury of snuggling in with your yummy :)

Ooo i love to snuggle too

True Rog!<br />
<br />
Sure MT! Come on over. I thought you would never ask lol.<br />
<br />
JP, You know it. MMMM gotta love those huggles too.<br />
<br />
Yes Nudeal. Big open windows.

*peeking in*<br />
<br />
Can I come in and snuggle with the bug?

Awww and see you were working it. I would be all over you after that.

oh definitely! nothing like waking up to a leg slung around your own! and to hear a satisfied groan as they shift, turn, or even wake up....heavenly!<br />
<br />
I always made it a point in classic dramatic-cliche to at least say something uber-dramatic like "there you I still dreaming?" or "did I wake up yet, or is this a sequel?" or something along those lines when I noticed they have waken up.

LOL no open doors, only windows.

yes it is, <br />
<br />
*still looking for that open door*