How to Be a Snuggle Bug.

First and foremost,you have to try to be a good snuggler. It should come naturally to you.You can't snuggle long distances,so get close.Snuggling is one of the most enjoyable things any couple can do.It brings them closer.A bad snuggling can ruin a relationship.Simply leaning or Holding hands is a great way to start to be a snuggle bug.If you can't hold hands, snuggling is probably not going to happen.Pull each other closer.Give each other a little squeeze. Involve your legs in the snuggle from time to time.Enjoy the moment,don't rush through it.Be Careful, when two snuggle bugs are involved, Snuggling can be very intimate and often leads to other more physical things"wink"

Snuggle away and become a "SNUGGLE BUG".

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2 Responses Apr 27, 2009

This was cute! Another way to ensure snuggling is to share a twin bed haha.

YAY!!! Thanks for sharing. I loved this. Hugs, livingwell