Future Of Social Media Is Far Beyond A New Facebook Layout

There is a new social media kid in town: In fact so new he or she just showed up recently on the online social scene. Persons in the social media world are expecting more and more from their social networking sites and experiences. They are apt to find exactly what it is they are looking for when signing up as a new social member with the exciting new social website: Interesify.com.
Do not let the fact that Interesify.com is in its infancy scare you off; sending you back to your safe and cozy Facebook domain. In fact, what Facebook lacks as a social media giant Interesify.com fills in the gap. You have a chance to start your own group and gain quick recognition. You may go some what unnoticed by the maze of groups on the bigger social websites. Also, many of the giants are already intensely branded. As an example, Facebook just gobbled up Instagram a photo-sharing company. Needless to say, Facebook's newest deal breaker had many wondering whether Facebook would make its newest acquisition (Instagram) too dissimilar. The advice was to rush to Instagram and take what photos you already had stored there and take them off the site. How you feel about the billion dollar acquisition of Instagram by mainstream Facebook? You need not worry about Interesify acquiring a photo sharing company you are already using and placing their own tag to it. Interesify.com already comes equipped with photo-sharing is still in its infancy social networking diversity, as you can see comes in handy.

Just sign up with Interesify.com and become one of the first members to start a social networking group. Even Facebook junkies cannot help but find the addition of yet another social media useful. Today, variety is the spice of everyone's social networking calendar plus Interesify.com has social connect with Facebook and other media players.

So what can you expect from the future of social networking; especially as it pertains to Interesify.com?

Take a social stroll through the site and you will be delighted with what you may socially facilitate on the virtual venue. There are social junkie features such as forum, blogs, and social stores just for starters.

In the weeks to come look for even more cool features such as auction like eBay, Social television, and student connect where you can attain help and information from other students. You can even purchase products without leaving your Interesify.com page.

Social media is headed in a new direction; and that direction is being pioneered by sites such as Interesify.com. With the online market opening up and becoming more and more competitive, you may expect more, too, from your social networking experience -- now and in the future.

Why join Interesify.com?

Interesify, as the website informs, allows you to connect with people, organizations, institutions and groups sharing your affiliation's or individual concerns and interests with other persons with your particular interests. Interesify makes the sharing of significant personal, group or organizational information essentially easy.

Create a group or join a group. In example, there is a group specifically set up on Interesify.com where you can rant about your boss. Another group is designed for "wannabe celebrities." You name your medicine or prescription (so to speak) and start your own social support forum. Interesify is partnered with other important social networking sites like Facebook, so there is no reason to take leave of your Facebook following. Again, spice is the variety of the social networking world.

Reworking one of the most popular social website's portal, as the article's title suggests is not the future of social networking. The preceding statement is true evidenced by the fact that sites such as Interesify not only allow you a place to carve your own special niche as the site's expert, it also impacts the major players, adding competitiveness to the social networking arena.

Interesify.com's infancy presents the perfect opportunity for you to become the site's niche authority. Add to that the fact its connection with other already highly popular social networking venues such as facebook you will be able to accomplish an expert status and niche reputation in a relatively short period of time. Check out Interesify.com. It has too much to offer the social networking enthusiast to go unnoticed.www.interesify.com
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May 10, 2012