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Interesify is a social networking site for sharing and connecting with friends, family, Companies, industries, organizations, institutions, and much more. This site offers the services you would expect from a social networking site, with so much more content and applications. This online world can help you connect to others through interests, beliefs, or causes. You can also diversify yourself by meeting new people from all over the world. Interesify meets the needs that are not met by many of the social networking sites. We offer a much more tailored approach to bring you the best in social netowrking. Not only our vast applications, but we are constantly adding new material to keep things exciting and useful. We listen to our members and bring you the best in social applications and entertainment. Our goal is to keep our content unique and fresh.

With a countless arsenal of features, Interesify is the premier social networking site. We offer member forums where you can interact with other users on all different types of subjects, blogs where you can write your own content or read about others, and ways to connect like never before. We make it easy to reach out to the world around you. Our social stores allow you to create storefronts and buy from other members. Sharing your world has never been easier. We have worked tirelessly to create a social networking environment that fills in the gaps of other social sites. We want this to be a place where you will allow yourself to be changed and to change others through interaction and shared thoughts.

Big changes are still coming in at Interesify. We will soon be adding new features such as action like eBay and Social TV. These features will allow for even more diversity in your interaction choices. We will also offer two new student features that will allow for the sharing of ideas and homework help among members. Student Help and Student Connect will allow you to make friends with other students and get help and advice when you are stuck on homework. With Online Casting and other features that are similar to LinkedIn and Twitter, you will find all that you need in one site. You will no longer need to be a member of several social networking sites when Interesify has all that you need.

The future is bright for Interesify. Within one year we have big plans that will allow our users to purchase brand name products on Interesify without ever having to leave the site. This will make shopping online easier than ever before. We have much more in the works to keep our members happy and satisfied.

Check out our site today and take a tour. Joining is simple and fast. Before you know it, you will be on your way to meeting and sharing with others. Our vast community continues to grow with members from all over the world. Visit us today so that you can get started. A world of friends is awaiting you today!
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May 10, 2012