Completely Burned Out

I am so burned out but can't leave the profession because of my student loans. I have an MSW and have worked in almost all areas of practice. The only area I feel that I could enjoy is hospice but there are none hiring in my area and don't want to move far away from family. I make good money (for a social worker) but dread foing into work everyday. I would really like to do something completely different for awhile but can't afford it. Anyone else in this situation?
Dsmtay Dsmtay
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3 Responses Sep 18, 2012

If you have a LCSW you can work for 2 years at certain places and get a loan forgiveness.

This is tough because it's such a high burnout field! Hope you find some peace with a new career soon. I am in the same boat with lots of loans so I can't just quit but I want to try something new. Good luck!

Well, heh, You are living the end result of going to school for a paycheck. People should go to school to better their natural talents, that's what makes some people legendary and happy in their life's work. Money, well that's just one of many rewards one gets for exploiting their natural talents. Now fear prevents you from pursuing a new path, I say, exploit what you know with your natural talents and take your self where you really want to go; it does not mean you have to move. Having a certificate in this profession does not mean you can't use it in others, plus with the experience you now have.