Why I Am A Socialist.

It was a shock to almost everyone around me when I announce my interest in communism/socialism. Honestly, no one is more surprised than myself. Being a hardcore democrat, I have always fought for the democratic government. Until one day, I downloaded a copy of The Communist Manifesto into my phone.

I started studying communism/socialism, and after reading through and making my own judgements based on my understanding, I decided that I am a Socialist. I believe in the Socialist ideology, and bask in the simplicity of it.
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2 Responses Dec 15, 2012

you may dig this group too: http://www.experienceproject.com/groups/Want-To-Make-A-Deeper-Study-Of-Socialism/400001

I started it when i was newer to to socialism and it would be great if more folks shared stories

Socialism is pretty much bankrupt all over the world.People point to Germany as a success but truthfully Germany has a capitalistic economy with a few socialistic programs like healthcare.
Being a business owner that employs people I do not like socialism for the most part.I do not mind the idea of a program here or there but let people prosper if they want through capitalistic economies.

There are govt assistance for people but the whole country is not on it.Obamacare gets closer to that definition.Free schools are not one's only choice for their kids.People can vote against Obamacare next time around.America is far from being a socialist country.