How many people just come online to just vent? Or make good true real friends to even to a personal extent on this site? Well in my case - if it were to be venting - crap I would just go bark it out to a wall lol - well that's not me - can't be socializing with people and not intend something good in the long term .
Stephenrko Stephenrko
36-40, M
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OK, your a Socialist Stephen. Now what? I can talk to you about the International Socialist Movement. And the most affective destruction of it British Socialism by way of The Dark shadow of Granthem, Norm' Tebbit, Eddy Shar and of course Arthur Scargill.. Since then do you not find that Britains unity/solidarity was distroyed by the greed driven Wimpey starter home quesi capitalist that are paddlin thier own dingy. Didn't 78 become the year that U.K. PLC became a member of the Zionist subsidurery of N.M. Rothschild Bank. Or am I jus an old cyinic.

Lol im sorry I did not explain my self good enough - but what i meant is in the long term of chatting with some one , i would be intending to be building a true genuine real personal friendship with the person , so far we become real friends in life - think that would be asking too much for my time and efforts?