.:: The Talented Sociopath ::.

I have known for quite some years that I was different. I’ve always had that feeling of being one in a million – chosen for something. But what?
That was my question for so long, and not knowing the answer drove me insane.

I have had sociopathic tendencies from a young age – I tortured and killed small animals for amusement at the age of 6 or 7. At that age I loved to see the sheer terror, it shocked me.

But today, after years and years in the grips of raging drug addiction – I am finally content. Before I used to do these things and get mad at myself for having no logical reason for doing them (when compared with the boundaries of social normality). Now – I have downgraded my perception of individuality. Because, when you think about it, what makes you, YOU? What pops into your head when you think of your partner/friend/relative – is it mainly their body, or is it their personality?

Being able to become such a brazen liar (and a talented liar – both tactically and in terms of delivery) takes many years of practice. I use little tricks. I use different characters on different people. I may be passive to one person but confrontational to the next. I am constantly using tactical manipulation in my workplace – giving the impression that I am an easy going and nice guy.

I work as an official administrator – I have privileges and am in a position of authority, and to the casual observer I seem to deserve it.
You see, I have worked in positions of authority with privileges before... but when I abused the privileges, I got fired. I feel I stand out amongst your average sociopath due to the fact that I have learnedfrom my experiences. Obviously there is the code of judicial law – but there is also an unspoken social code of conduct, too.

Through years and years of practice I have attained the ability to change masks at the drop of a hat. Nothing is more important to me than my own wants and needs – but none of my interpersonal relationships know this. Only a fool wouldn’t know why selfishness repels others.
There are no casual conversations, or “chit chat” when you talk with me. I am listening more carefully than you may think, making mental notes. It is my aim to know your greatest fear. You may reveal this to me through body language, facial expressions or even just the tone of your voice.

Why am I doing this?

Ultimately: to blackmail and manipulate you.

I steal, hurt, abuse and devastate lives. But I feel no guilt. Ever. At all.

The only thing I experience - (which is even remotely similar to what guilt is meant to feel like) - is a paranoid fear of being caught– or more specifically, fear of the punishment for the crime I’ve committed!
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@PriestAzrael ... Thank you for writing the most complete and utter bullshit paragraph in human history -- Probably your biggest accomplishment in life so far - I'm proud for you pal

how about you work on your gramma it's 'learn to spell not learn english' they are 2 seperate dispositions. one is language one is writing. asian writing does notr sound or look like the words they are saying thus to are seperate A child learns their language way befro they can read and even further for them to write properly. you are incorrect. don't act intelligent if your not. bye xxx

Haha will do!

Syxx .... Get your Webcam out and crack open a beer babes x x x x

so in 'summery' you have decided not to learn English? makes sense, no point trying if you're going to fail. See you at the DriveThru xxxx (PS no god dam gurkins this time!)

learn to spell? nope.

Assuming that is is you in your default pic.. Can we be best friends?

"So in summery your a smackhead with the personality of a smackhead. Your on the wrong Group" by PriestAzrael <br />
<br />
Learn to ******* spell you ****

So in summery your a smackhead with the personality of a smackhead. Your on the wrong Group.

try 4 ACO - DMT<br />
if you want to be cured anyway..