I'm tentative to join this group. It seems that many of the active posters here are teens looking for ways to differentiate themselves from the masses. It's a somewhat admirable but largely pathetic attempt to break free from the empath mindset. Sorry to say kiddies but pretending you are a badass with no emotions will not make make you feel any better Mommy and Daddy's fights, Uncle Billy touching you or any of the other problems you think you have. But if you really want to play with the "cool kids" prepare to get ****** with at least a little bit. ;) I don't pull my punches.

Since that is out of the way, I want to say hello to the rest of you out there. I'm not going to start this off with "I always knew I was different..." or any other version of the coming out of the "psycho closet" story. I don't profess to being a sociopath. I was never diagnosed with ASPD or any other mental illness and hopefully never will be. But I know myself. I know my thought processes and my reactions to situations. If I was forced to put a label on these collections of traits "sociopath" would be it. So to those of you who think like me I look forward to observing and interacting with you. At the very least this should be entertaining.
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I am the same in these respects. I too am curious as to what this site has to offer but most of all im looking for someone to bounce idea off of. I have a large scale manipulation game in the works and I'd love to make improvements to it. Perhaps you have a different way of approaching it that would better my game? Hit me up

hmmm so what bes the deal with your loner friends?

Oh well. I was told I'm a psycho... but my childhood would make me more of a sociopath... what ever. same **** different name. I believe it's genetic... I'm a better version of my crap head dad.

sociopaths... are they genetic? I thought psychopaths were. ? ? ?

How you know my uncle billy? you also know his knew sex puppet katrina? nice pic by the way. looks modest

@Wamphyri <br />
Haha. Curiosity and the promise of entertainment is what drove me from being a lurker to a member. Some of the posting matches just look too much fun to sit on the sidelines anymore. And to answer your questions. No not by a long shot, yes, and a good few. I love the long seduction so sometimes it can take weeks, months, once even years. But as soon as I hear those 3 little words I lose interest and move on to something better. It's funny because people think I have commitment issues. In reality, once I know what makes people tick they bore me. But I'm strange in the fact I don't like to burn bridges I might need later. So when I need a good dose of sadism I tend not to **** where I eat. Loners and outcasts seem to work well enough and they do love to be hurt. :] <br />
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@ tipyko<br />
It's nothing I haven't heard before and I don't think it's necessarily bad that we are able to adapt and circumnavigate these made up social norms. If anything I think those who are brainwashed from youth to believe a certain set of arbitrary codes of conduct are natural law got the short end of the stick. It's kind of sad really.

"I'm tentative to join this group. It seems that many of the active posters here are teens looking for ways to differentiate themselves from the masses."<br />
Doesn't sound true. In my private message experience, the most interesting posters are mainly trying to boast and to create new high stimuli situations, often at the expense of others. But that's fine by me :) In fact, it seems like you also came here for entertainment.<br />
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The first questions that come to my mind are : are you still a virgin ? Did you ever take control of someone else ? How many people ? How long did it take for you to find them and to look for more interesting stimuli, at their expense or not ?

Aren't we all sociopath's thinking were not....