I Love Being A Sociopath

So sick of reading how people "claim" to be a sociopath then go on to say that you dont have to let it control you and you can set yourself rules and moral standards..**** that if you truely are a sociopath you love what you are you see everyone else as sad easy to munipulate losers you see the world for what it truely is a sh*t hole run by morons, I love to lie, cheat, steal and would gladly kill anyone if there was no concequence I dont see what I am as a condition I see it as a privelige a higher form of being WE are the true leaders because we are no consumed by remorse, guilt, empathy these are not useful in any way, think about it the whole world stops and cries if a famous person they have never met dies we go to country we have never even heard of to fight their wars because they need our help and to do the "right thing" but the right thing is open to interepratation it wasnt that long ago that people thought there are witches and you must burn them now that seems crazy but it didnt. I look at the world around me and all I see is control from police, government and the people around myself "WE ARE NOT FREE" we are only free to live within the constraints of the majority if you follow your free but really your not because if you step outside that way of thinking you get SLAMMED. I have combed though the net and cannot find anything that unites us only a million stories of people taken advantage of by sociopaths and so called "professionals" claiming to have to answers as to what we are. Clearly there are millions of us out there you read about it all the time so lets band together and actually do something about it, Religion is a stupid joke anyone with a brain cell can figure that out but there core idea is what makes them successful "unity" working together to obtain a goal that cant be obtained alone. My goals are simple but not yet realized start a website to join us together one day have sociopaths from all differents backgrouds work together to build a world away from this one, **** buy a country to make our own rules why is that not possible I am only one person but would gladly use my money to get away as I am sure you all would. Hitler had the right idea join as one and take over the world and he almost did it to LETS RISE UP...why not?
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5 Responses Aug 10, 2010

We need the empaths. Koldsteil is right, there could never be a functional society of sociopaths. If everyone is just looking out for themselves stability can't be achieved. I agree that empaths shouldn't be leaders though, they need to be guided by someone rational and decisive

A society of nothing but sociopaths wouldn't work because they would naturally be inclined to destroy each other for their own gain and the society would implode upon itself.

hell ya, remember you cant spell empathetic without pathetic

Let erm... jame...jer...jeas....jesus into your heart he loves all wack jobs after all he grew a beard.

I'm way too drunk to come up with a witty comment to your eye sore of a post so I'll keep it simple. You're ******* retarded.