Child's Play

I had some odd hobbies as a kid.

I liked to play dissection as a kid. I used to catch rats, mice and other rodents and cut them up alive. Most of the time I made them sleep with ether before I opened them. I even did it in school, my biology teacher was very fond of my interest in anatomy. Haha.

I was fascinated by fire. I still am but I don't play with it anymore. I was caught for arson in school. Damn I was mad at my self for getting caught. But that only happened once. I excused myself for being a kid, I was 9, and learned my lesson... don't get caught... and try not to burn my fingers.

I remember another game, funny as hell. I used to stand on a hill close to the street and throw rotten apples at the cars. The cars almost crashed, but one time an old guy ran after me for about 5 minutes shouting he'd kill me but he was too old to run faster than me. I think i broke his window. And scare people in the dark, and scare the **** out of the crack heads in the service tunnels beneth the city... oh, the service tunnels are the perfect supply for rats too.

When I think about it, it's very strange I didn't get into the claws of psychiatry until I grew up (for a completely different reson)... maybe I learned my lesson that time when I had to sit alone with the shrink in school.
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6 Responses Aug 13, 2010

As long as you pass it round once cooked I am happy

mrbic. You can believe it or you don't. It's your choice.

bet these are a bit of lies.

Getting caught sucks. This is true.

Well... I do the chopping n' slicing and let the others have the boring task of staring at the meat slowly heating up.

Guess you in charge of the BBQ.