Psychologist Today........

The psychologist said that I was suffering from extreme Bipolar I disorder
Psychologist said even now I might been in a full mania state. And advised psychotherapy.
He prescribed me pills to calm me down. Anticonvulsants, such as sodium valproate but I dont need that.
ANd If I was cool with that he wanted to talk with my parents about my current medical condition but I refused.
SO I asked for the copie of my diagnose and I it seems that I have mania with psychotic features including suspiciousness, delusion of grandeur, aggression. lack of empathy, self-centeredness. And my dominant part is delusions of grandeur.

BUt would this medical file affect my job life later?I will keep that file in secret.
poin poin 18-21, M 3 Responses Dec 1, 2010

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Lies. You dont need a psychiatric diagnoses that will only bring you trouble at some point in the future. Forget that bullshit. Shape up and learn to control yourself.

I wish I had delusions of grandeur. I just get totally pissed and want to beat everyone up. Kinda sucks, cause when I am in that state I can't stop myself. I also have bipolar 1. I also have auditory and visual hallucinations. Normally, I get chased down by zombies and demons. It is really scary when it is happening. Sounds stupid now.

I started out with mdd with psychotic features. Knowing bipolar runs in my family, they figured it would make the leap. It did. I have been in the hospital 4 times since June of this year. I am sure there is another one coming up...I can't seem to stay on my meds. I know...bad girl..

Try to take your meds and know you are not alone. Every time you go psycho, your prognosis gets worse. Mine are so bad already, I should stay on my meds but I hate the effects. Good luck!!

It cannot affect your job; you go and get a lawsuit for discrimination against person with disabilities. If you go google, you'll find the address. I suggest you keep that handy if you want to work.

If you are worried about your moods, take the prescribed meds. They do help. However as far as ASPD, there are no meds. Accept it. Embrace it.