Psychologist Today........

The psychologist said that I was suffering from extreme Bipolar I disorder
Psychologist said even now I might been in a full mania state. And advised psychotherapy.
He prescribed me pills to calm me down. Anticonvulsants, such as sodium valproate but I dont need that.
ANd If I was cool with that he wanted to talk with my parents about my current medical condition but I refused.
SO I asked for the copie of my diagnose and I it seems that I have mania with psychotic features including suspiciousness, delusion of grandeur, aggression. lack of empathy, self-centeredness. And my dominant part is delusions of grandeur.

BUt would this medical file affect my job life later?I will keep that file in secret.
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2 Responses Dec 1, 2010

Lies. You dont need a psychiatric diagnoses that will only bring you trouble at some point in the future. Forget that bullshit. Shape up and learn to control yourself.

It cannot affect your job; you go and get a lawsuit for discrimination against person with disabilities. If you go google, you'll find the address. I suggest you keep that handy if you want to work.<br />
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If you are worried about your moods, take the prescribed meds. They do help. However as far as ASPD, there are no meds. Accept it. Embrace it.