I Think I Was A Sociopath Until I Had A Head Injury

I think I was a scociopath as a youngster. I had most of the symptoms, never felt connected, few friends, acted out, etc. Then I almost died at the age of 15 from head injuries, but I was changed afterwards. I felt things for the first time ever, or maybe it was just that I realized that I wasn't feeling before. It took many years and much soul searching to reconcile these things in my personality, but I know now that I "feel" so much more than I used to. Have any others had similar experiences? Could a head injury cause other areas of the brain to take over (for the first time) areas related to sociopathy?
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2 Responses Jan 4, 2011

this other guy name xxxomorgan or something has a similar story to your's. He had a seizure and suddenly started to feel things. look him up.

Interesting story. I do not have an answer. I have no psych background. I hope someone else responds.