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Sociopaths, Am I Actually A Sociopath?

Hello! I would like to know whether you think I am a sociopath based on what I write here. As of late I have come across information that has led me to believe that I may be a sociopath. Before anyone says 'go to a therapist', I do not want to be diagnosed as a sociopath, but I would like to confirm my suspicions for myself. From what I have read about what a sociopath does/traits of one, I can confidently say yes to most of these. But I keep questioning myself. What if I am just telling myself that I am a sociopath because I want to be a sociopath? All considered opinions and comments are welcome.

I am a 24 y.o. male. I am 6'4, relatively good looking, I love to gamble, go to nightclubs and play video games. I drive a convertible, have two degrees (one a masters) and currently work as a teacher (secondary). I have changed careers twice, and have never held a job in the same location for more than 12 months. I have never maintained a sexual relationship with someone for more than 6 months, but I have never cheated on anyone (not because I am against the idea of cheating, but because I terminate relationships immediately when I meet someone new.

I have changed my name formally, but continue to use my original name when conversing with people who knew me prior to my change of name. I have not told my older friends about this, but my family knows - but only because they were snooping around my car and found my C.V.

I am a compulsive liar, and love to be the center of attention. I don't care about anyone but myself, and have sold many of my so called friends down the river at some point and time. This being said, I have also had people take advantage of me, so I usually use this to convince myself that what I do is ok. I steal, and sabotage others' work to make myself look better.

I believe I am superior to normal people. When I read that sociopaths tend to have an inflated sense of themselves was when I started to suspect I am indeed one. I tell everyone how superior I am to the majority of people out there. And I believe it too, even though I know it isn't true; it's hard to explain.

Throughout my life I have done many things which would be considered highly immoral. Half of one of my degrees was completed through cheating. I received a HD average for these results. In my previous occupation, I have ruined peoples lives and consider one of my actions in particular to cause someone to commit suicide. I recieved a promotion for the most part because of this action. I have never done anything for anyone unless there is an ulterior motive i.e. part of a bigger plan to achieve something for myself.

My understanding is that the above is indicative of a sociopathic mindset. I also advise that this is not my life story; this is just as much stuff as I can come up with as I write this down. But there are a few things that I need clearing up. I find that generally internet research suggests that sociopaths do not have feelings/ do not feel most emotions. In my case, I find that most of my emotions are dulled/muted, but I do get anxious frequently. I find that women tend to pick up on my antisocial behaviour much more often than men. I get a woman telling me to smile at least several times a week, as I often forget. I also am relatively self concious and I am not assertive, at least not all the time. I do not get angry hardly ever. When I do my reaction to people is as the research I have read suggests of a sociopath: I get angry quickly and then it subsides. I can be yelling at the top of my voice and then the next sentence will be extremely calm. The people I work with pick up on this and this worries me. I do not hold grudges. Is this relevant? I also do not like to be the leader, I like to be a perceived follower so I am not being watched 24/7.

But the thing that makes me question whether I am truly a sociopath is my history. In my teenage years I was broken, destroyed completely by my peers. I am not like how I was when I was 13/14. I was simply depressed. Then again, at around 16/17 I suddenly gained an immense amount of courage and persuasive ability. I became prefect and school captain through popular vote and could speak calmly to an audience of hundreds when prior to this I could barely summon the courage to talk with anyone outside my small friend circle. And now that I think back, the reason was that I told myself that I was a monster, and that I was already dead, so I didnt care. But is that too late for sociopathic traits to develop? Am I a sociopath, or just some emo/ depressed anxious wannabe serial killer?

If you need any more information or need to probe further, please ask. I will be happy to provide any extra information I can. Thanks.
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champskees, having read through all your posts and the comments I have to tell you that your history is fascinating. I also really appreciate your candidness. More of us struggle with some of the same sociopathic tendencies than you may think. But I have some questions for you: Why are you sharing it online like this? Why do you care what people think?

An update on the life of champskees...

It has been around two years since I posted this, and during this time I have realised that I am not a sociopath. In fact I think I know what the problem was now, and it's quite sad for me to admit this, but I think the problem was a combination of long term neglect and abuse from my family, my friends and my peers.

I didn't really know this before because I never had any meaningful references to draw from. I had never been loved, never been shown any love and as a result I did not know what love was. I saw people as either targets or opponents because of how I was treated by the people around me. The only feelings I could honestly produce were those of hate, anger and jealousy. My selfishness I believe was a reflection of my experiences with people in general - people were transactional, everyone was out for themselves. They didn't care about me, why should I care about them?

Anyway a couple of years ago I slept with my best friends girlfriend and broke them up. We have been together for a while now, and she has made me realise how much I have missed out on life. I understand now what people mean when they talk about caring for someone, why money isn't everything, and why family & friends are. It has changed my life.

The affection, love and care she has shown me is far more than any I have ever recieved from anyone else. She has so much love to give! Yet I have next to none, still drained from years of emotional poverty. I try to show her my warmest side, but it is still practised and hard for me to do. I think it will take time for me to fully recover from the psychological damage of my past, but step by step i'm getting 'better', feel more 'normal'. Hopefully I can live a good life from here on out!

im glad to say that woman are awesome!

If you stop lying, you probably wouldn't be a sociopath at all. I have dealt with people who would be deemed by society as "sociopathic" but in fact they were just TRULY and deeply selfish. and honestly, the fact that you terminate relationships shows me you have some ethics/empathy for people.
You definitely have some habits which could be better, but the guy who hung himself - that wasnt your fault.
lying isnt great, but if you wanted to change that you could.
you are not a monster, nor are you ****** up or broken, you just have habits that probably won't allow people to trust you or get close to you- because you might hurt them.
alot of people lie, and alot of people think they are "superior"
its hard to be honest and vulnerable with somone else, its hard to be "real" with another person.
take care

Are you the same champskees that writes excellent fighting fantasy solutions? No,you're no more sociopathic than the rest of us. I'm afraid you're just human. I learned how to be a good person through watching shonen anime till my eyes bled. If you are the champskees of fighting fantasy fame, you are just like me. You will find your muse. Trust me.

Haha, yes I am! Though that forum is so different now, can\'t even post my newer solutions properly anymore...but this post freaked me out! Small world aye?

Noone knows you better than yourself, I suspect you have already answered for yourself the question your asking of us. <br />
<br />
I'm in no way trying to be antagonistic and you seem to be much more open than most members of this group, so I have always wondered.<br />
<br />
Does it actually matter to you if you are a sociopath or not? If so why? Does knowing or not knowing change you or help you in any way? <br />
<br />
I completely understand the human need to "know" themselves what I am curious about is how a potential sociopath feels about it.<br />
<br />
I find sociopathy very fascinating and while some seem to fear the very idea of someone having no empathy I find it almost more understandable than selective empathy.<br />
<br />
All empaths have empathy but most use it selectively. Through this selectivity empaths have been far more dangerous than sociopaths.<br />
<br />
At least there is consistency in a sociopath.

Sociopathy is a problem. A disorder. When I was younger I was convinced I was autistic, possibly an asperg. I was tested and they said there was nothing wrong with me. I was relieved, because I assumed I was just a little slower in picking up social skills.

'Knowing' I do not have the capacity to truly put myself in someone else's shoes sucks, but it is much better than not being aware of this at all. The only reason people like me is because of the character I have created. If they heard any of my real thoughts, I would be seen as some sort of complete sicko, an elitist, selfish loser. If I acted the way I wanted to act, people would think I was crazy.

I love being able to confess (you are right, I know what I am) online that I am a sociopath, but in real life if I hear someone even mention the term I get tense. Real paranoid. I do not want people to see me as a sociopath. I just want to be seen as a normal person.

I understand not wanting to be seen as a sociopath, as it would hinder your ability to interact with them without suspension.
Why do you feel like you can't "act the way" you really want to?
Additionally this is a curiosity of mine. Do you own a pet?

Suspicion not suspension

Being one is no joyride, because I have to hide my true self to survive. There is a person at my school who everyone says is crazy and he tells people he's "crazy". But I know he's faking, because a real one won't continually tell people, and he doesn't really seem "crazy" to me. When he says that I want to call him out but that will bring the unwanted attention on me. I sometimes get confused by "normal" people because they sometimes act very strange.

Why hide?

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How do you feel towards your family? If they are in pain? If they are emotionally hurt?

I have beaten my father. I have stolen from my family. They are coming into money soon, and that is my only reason for keeping in contact with them.

They are like my personal Jerry Springer show. Whenever I feel like my life is a bit down, I visit them, and make fun of their life, reiterate that they are stupid, have no future and have made a ton of mistakes. They are broken, and stomping on the little fragments that are left makes me even happier :D

Oops, just read what I wrote, and I didn't answer your question! The answer is that I do not care about them at all. I have thought about this alot, they are in truth just average people, but I really couldn't give a toss about any of them! In Jan they asked if they could stay over at my place for a week so they could get ready to move into their new place. I have two spare rooms at my place, so I showed them all the unused space I had, then bluntly told them I don't want them here. They were crushed! They went and got a hotel for the next five days. So I guess they must be pretty devo'd...don't know if it's a good idea to burn me bridges though...but the entertainment value was tremendous!

I had a sociopathic friend, sounds so much like this POS commenting.. I laugh at his crazy ***, Because I see daily the DEEP Grave my friend was digging herself in with her behavior. These people truly are a Waste of space on this earth!!

It is ironic that you say sociopaths are a waste of space when you posted your generic comment three times on a story. Triple post fail lol.

I had a sociopathic friend, sounds so much like this POS commenting.. I laugh at his crazy ***, Because I see daily the DEEP Grave my friend was digging herself in with her behavior. These people truly are a Waste of space on this earth!!

...I also was wondering as to how you consider yourself so special. What makes you more deserving of life than myself? Most likely nothing. I have perhaps contributed more to society than you have. Talk the talk, walk the walk.

When people don't understand something they fear it and condem it.

I had a sociopathic friend, sounds so much like this POS commenting.. I laugh at his crazy ***, Because I see daily the DEEP Grave my friend was digging herself in with her behavior. These people truly are a Waste of space on this earth!!

I dont know if Im fully normal but I KNOW one thing. NOBODY in this this would SHOULD be a sociopath. Meaning nobody should be hurting anybody. NOBODY. That way there is no problem whatsoever. Nobody should act better than anyone. BUT. Jealousy=HATRED and hatred is a huge part of why people hurt people . if someone respects everyone and still succeeds because they know they are fine...there is no problem. But you cant learn anything just sitting there and hating people better than you. RESPECT them. LEARN from them. MOVE ON. Once that happens it escalates and it helps other people realize it. The people who learn from you will LOVE you and respect you. And thank you.Everyones different and everyone will travel their minds a different way. But if people steal and say mean things, or focus on someone else in a way that isnt beneficial to them or to him/herself..if there is no respect, that person will not want to teach you anything... hatred is what what drives you. Your not even trying to go the other way. Thats your problem. believe me my friend.. dont make the mistake of thinking these people are trying to make you feel bad because they hate your condition. They are trying to make you see the beauty to feel something for someone or something...besides yourself of course. Because they WILL love you in return. UNLESS they are a with feeling (love) is only gonna bring you love. THAT is known fact. you dont believe me? try it. please. Dont listen to these people. Listen to me. I know this. They probably do too..but dont want to show you any love because of your situation. LEARN..FREE your mind of evil...break this habit and see where it brings you. YOULL still be great.. but also very strong, and smart. because you cant live in your own dark hole. Listen to your conscience.. its proabably hiding because it sees no evil.

I don't think you understand my situation. I think and feel completely different to how you do. I don't think there are good people and bad people. I also believe that this 'love' you talk about is a manufactured emotion; I have never felt it. I most likely never will.

Hate is a powerful word. I am not driven by hate; I am driven by an internal rage.

Your advice stinks like garbage, and is full of holes. You obviously don't have any semblance of education, otherwise you would know the difference between fact and opinion. It is hard for someone like me to take advice from someone who hasn't had as much intellectual experiences as I have had. You are not on my level, you are below it.

What ****** me off the most about your ramblings is that you suggest that sociopaths are the only people who hurt others. Wrong. Everyone has the potential to do wrong. The difference is that a sociopath does not care about that which does not affect him/her. You talk of respect, and again you are wrong. I feign respect all the time to get what I want. You do not have to be respectful towards others, just pretend to be.

You also suggest that I 'break this habit'. Are you implying that the way I act and think is habitual? Stupid comments, stop wasting space on my question.

I do not want to be a serial killer. In fact, I hate blood/guts/anything squishy like that :) I recommend you read first, think, then comment. Of course, I am assuming that you are just a carer, nurse at best; so I can't really respect anything you suggest because your education is pale and your views will be full of bias.<br />
<br />
But I will give you a chance, because I am a merciful man. Provide me with suggestions as to how I can get help for my condition. Please do not recommend a psychiatrist; I just stopped dating one of those :)<br />
<br />
I do not think I will get worse, I can only get better. At what I do ;)

If you are a sociopath there is no therapy to "improve" you. In fact most sociopaths only learn to better "fool" others by learning what is expected of them. Sociopaths are good at telling people what they believe they want to hear. Psych appoints only help them refine that skill.

If you have a problem with getting caught for "immoral" behavior you can make a moral code contract with a list of what you will and won't do. Its a faux conscience if you will.

i believe that you have issues. i believe you are a angry person who never got over the things you been through. in your life. you treat people the way u do because you angry like i said before. first of all u need to learn how to forgive. second u need to get all the hurt and pain u hold out your heart. thats why u are angry and bitter. its seems to me that you are duing what u want to do. its up to u to become a better person. you so angry in the inside that u want to become a serial killer. you need to get help. i work at a nursing home with mental people. you have mental issues that u need to get help for or u gon get worse

Standard generic, you are absolutely right. If you look at checklists and say 'do I do this?' well, yeah...and I do this, and this etc etc, it is fairly broad. Sociopaths tend to be like the desc<x>ription most/all the time, and generally others will see your behaviour as abnormal. For example, it is said that sociopaths use hand gestures when talking alot more than normal people because they cannot communicate their thoughts properly. So sure, most if not all people use hand gestures frequently to communicate, but I do it so much that people have made fun of me in the past for doing so (I work in a job that requires a lot of discussion and presentation).<br />
<br />
I don't know about online gaming, but I think it is an interesting point. Do sociopaths like playing video games? And if so, what genres? I am addicted to video games, but I think that might just be me. I don't think it's sociopathic to want to play a game. Then again, video games do allow for the pla<x>yer to dominate and control what is happening around them, so who knows?

my friend recently said he thinks im a socio path, caught me completely off guard... im a really nice guy, and a firm beliver in karma, but he says after looking up the 'symptoms' i hit on like 9 out of 10 of them.. but then i took a look at them and realized.. 'dude, this describes everyone living'<br />
<br />
i also think alot of these symptoms are shared with multiple different disorders - i honestly dont feel like a sociopath, but yea.. i can relate to a decent number of these listed 'symptoms'<br />
<br />
not going to let it get to me, i'm definately not as sociopathic as champskees at least ;) sounds like a pretty interesting life tho.. my life is much more boring from the outside looking in i think, i do alot of online gaming and damn im good, probably better than 99% of the people i come accross online (am i an online sociopath?)

A Sociopath "friend" stole thousands of dollars from me after the horrific death of my child. My Sociopath husband has stolen decades of my life. He has recently been discovered to be a pathological liar and has become abusive since his "mask" or "false self" has been revealed. If our world consisted of 90% Sociopaths rather than 6% society would not function. THANK GOD for those with empathy, compassion and a conscience that bring joy, happiness, harmony and LOVE to this fallen world. Otherwise, suicide, divorce, murder and chaos would prevail. I would rather live within my current pain, than never know true love and emotional intimacy. Those without are an empty shell and most will likely spend eternity in Hell, since they despise authority. God is the ultimate authority for all human beings. Sociopaths will ultimately lose ALL CONTROL at the time of death. Since I have the gift of compassion and empathy, I'm not laughing at you... I pity you.

Condeming someone to hell for having a mental illness isn't very christian of you.

Thank goodness I'm not a christian and I can tell you that those that judge others only judge themselves. Your own words condem you to "hell".

I'm not really a depressed emo person. I said that at the end of my initial comment ba<x>sed on the other comments I had made. I probably should edit that out, as I have never been on anti depressants or worn a ridiculous fringe.<br />
<br />
My reality is different from most people because I am not completely in touch with everyone else. Not as connected. But the sad thing is that it doesn't really matter in most situations. My interactions with most people are brief and are not sustained. Once I have what I want, I m gone from that persons life. In these situations, I don't necassarily bother with the complete mask; it's too tiring. I just try a fake smile and laugh at their lame joke/comment. I find conversation with the majority of people utterly boring and predictable, so I avoid it unless it adds value to a situation. i.e. I want to buy something, I will most likely create a dramatic backstory and compliment the salesperson at every turn to assist in haggling for the product/service. In short, people don't care about anyone outside their immediate social circle, so blending in isn't hard here. Most people expect others to be selfish ********.<br />
<br />
The problem is when you are placed into a situation where the relationship is sustained i.e. friends you use for clubbing, work colleagues, family, real estate people, next door neighbours etc. It is hard for me. I have gotten so used to expressing most nuances that a lot of things come naturally to me and I do them subconciously, but there are times when the facade fails, and you are exposed. Sometimes a comment might slip out, you might forget to smile, or you laugh at an innappropriate moment. Other times you totally blow your cover, sometimes almost on purpose, just to see the reaction of others. Remember that the sociopath is rather self destructive; I don't want to get away completely with everything I do, it gets too boring.<br />
<br />
This is actually the interesting thing: I find generally that I am my own greatest enemy. I know exactly what to say and how to say it in most circumstances, mostly due to experiences, but some times of the time I CHOOSE to act truthfully. To say what is on my mind. Because I know it will get a reaction, and that is what i am looking for. And because when you start off, you don't realise who you are or why you feel differently; you just think you're opinionated. Her's a story where I basically got caught.<br />
<br />
I have known my best friend for over seven years now. He is probably one of the most morally bankrupt people I know aside from myself. His girlfriend Sophie suffers from some anxietal problems and sees a therapist. For the last six to eight months, she has been asking me questions about what I think on certain issues, and whether I feel this or that, and I have been telling her my thoughts. Her reaction is always either a laugh or a concerned look. It wasnt until the last couple of months that I realised she is profiling me. I had never had this happen to me and I realised it was too late. I had revealed too much about myself to her. And why? To satisfy my ego. Stupid, I know. So what did I do?<br />
<br />
I told my mate I thought he was a sociopath. He was pretty angry at this, and betrayed his girlfriends trust by telling me what she was up to. 'I'm the sociopath? That's funny, because you know what, Sophie has been telling me that she thinks YOU"RE a sociopath! She doesnt even want you around our house anymore man.'<br />
<br />
Bam. I was caught. But the thing is that even when you're under suspicion of being utterly crazy, it is too easy to get out of it. He is convinced that I am simply shy and weird, but definitely not a sociopath, because I care about other people. He is convinced I am his friend. His best friend. In the end we agreed that Sophie isn't exactly the brightest lightbulb in the shed, and that she is going nuts because she went off her medication for her condition. She still hates me but who cares. Shes nothing.<br />
<br />
I strongly believe that when people like you, they notice all of your good points. When they dont like you they look at all of your bad points. So most people I meet just think I am a normal cool guy. And when things get weird, I just play the shy card, sometimes the depressed lonely guy card, to ward off any suspicions.<br />
<br />
And I am definitely a narcissist. But I also now believe that I am definitely sociopathic too. I am tolerant because I have to be, it is part of the mask. Watch American Psycho, when they are at the table and he talks passionately about how America has to deal with all of the social problems around the world. That is how I talk in a nutshell.<br />
<br />
How can I blend in well enough for most people to never suspect me being a sociopath? I have found watching TV and movies has really helped me a lot. When watching a film I generally analyse character comments and the reaction and response resulting from a conversation. <br />
<br />
Also reading what the characteristics of a sociopath/narcissist are has allowed me to avoid showing the signs to others. They have no obvious indicators to run on which means they can only look at my lies and inconsistent behaviour.<br />
<br />
But real life experience is the best. Talking to people/observing responses from real life people has allowed me to really fit in with other people and assimilate their behaviour. I also find I need lots of sleep; I can sleep 12-14 hours a day if allowed, and this helps me maintain my persona without any cracks showing up. It's only when I am tired/under influence when I let things slide.<br />
<br />
Geez, I rambled a bit there...oh well :D

Most people use how others precieve them as a way to manipulate them. People see what they want to see, showing them what they want isn't a specifically sociopathic trait.
All people manipulate others. All people fake some parts of social interaction and feign emotion in an attempt to do what is "expected".
Social interaction is tiring for empaths as well.

Where the difference comes in I think is that sociopaths see everyone as objects. Do empaths cry or feel bad when they use a tissue and toss it in the trashcan? No. Sociopaths just happen to perceive humans as tissue.

Do you remember ever having feelings of connections with others ? What exactly do you think caused your switch from depression into sociopathy? Do you miss the way you were before the switch or do you find yourself at an advatage now?

Jovm3, I thankyou for your response. You appear to be a balanced, thoughtful individual: I like that. I'll also now respond to your queries and comments.<br />
<br />
To begin with, I do not hate people. Hate is a strong word, and does not associate well with me at all. To help you understand my perspective, think cockroaches. I imagine you don't hate cockroaches, you just find them disgusting. This is how I see most people. <br />
<br />
As far as seeing people as weak/strong, this is a generalised statement. It is hard to completely express yourself using a few lines of text, but please understand that I am fully aware of concepts such as relativity/tolerance. I consider myself to be exceptionally tolerant of other people. I am of a sociopathic mindset, I rarely tell people what I really think of them. When I say I think people are generally weak etc etc I am telling you how I really feel about people because I am on the net. I would never say those things in front of someone, that is social suicide. Please do not give me a lecture on 'the power of one' and how adversity leads to success, as you mentioned I am without empathy and do not care about others' feelings. <br />
<br />
Oh, and my reply to that girls 'harsh commentary', I laugh. I didn't think her words were harsh at all, in fact I thought they were quite funny. This is where the sociopath comes in. After reading her post, I could tell that she was trying to be critical of my character and ethical standards. It is a natural mechanism for me to point out and exaggerate comments from others that talk about me in a negative sense. This is generally to appeal to ones empathic facility, and to make them feel guilty about their actions. Case in point: after I posted that comment, I received a private message on this site with a gift of a flower. The message said something along the lines of 'Just ignore Rebecca. She can sometimes say some really hurtful stuff, bla bla bla'. Hilarious and effective.<br />
<br />
I might as well answer the rest of your post. I have no intention of changing society. I find people pathetic, and thats how I like them. In truth, I strongly dislike people I consider better than me; people who are stronger, smarter, faster, whatever. These people, who I never admit to being superior to me but know deep down that they are, are the people that I tend to sabotage the most. I think it is due to feeling threatened by their superiority.<br />
<br />
You also talk about normal people being more empathic than myself. From my experience (and from what the history books tell me) people will never like another unless they conform to their ideals. Their standards. This could be a post in itself, but essentially most people do not like those who are different. Racism, sexism, and in effect all forms of discrimination are great examples of this. So, yes. You, and every other person who does not share my ideals IS against me. I don't want to fit in to be happy, which is what I believe someone like you wants. I am ridiculously happy being me, I don't want to change for society. I want to use society, for my own entertainment.<br />
<br />
I guess if there is anything I would like to add it is that I am not one-dimensional. Most sociopaths act like normal people. You only find out what they really think when they are in a position to talk freely without real consequence.

Rebecca, thankyou for your response, it is appreciated. I am assuming you are a 'normal' person and you are writing with such passion because someone close has hurt you, the individual most likely having deemed to possess this particular disorder. I note that I am aware of the current term being thrown around, but I prefer the term sociopath. It is shorter, and people identify with it better.<br />
<br />
I agree with your insights in part. I am a small, small petty man. I know this. In truth, I do not want power, at least not on a grand scale comparative to megalomania. Rather, I merely want control over that which is around me. In the most part, I have this. I am lazy. Am I weak? Strength is subjective, but I am 6'4' and have an academic background greater than most. Imagine walking past people everyday, and looking down on them in a both a metaphoric and literal sense. That IS my reality. From my perspective, most people are sad and disgust me. They don't look after themselves. They walk around with haunched shoulders. They whinge and whine incessantly about the most ridiculous things. They are small, ugly, stupid and scared. They are pathetic. I honestly cannot vouch for their right to existence. Of course this is very broad and not desc<x>riptive of everyone, but what is interesting is that my views of 'normal' people are similar to how many describe sociopaths; a reflection of ones failings perhaps?<br />
<br />
The truth is, I don't care about most people because they have no value to me. I don't have to manipulate people to get what I want, because I already have most of the things I want. The main motive for my manipulative behaviour is because (pardon my French) I want to **** people up. I love the ensuing chaos. I love it when everyone is panicking except me, when everyone is crying, when someone believes i'm in love with gives me a buzz. It's a game. Life's a joke, i'm just having a lot of fun at the expense of the people around me.<br />
<br />
And looking at your harsh rebuke at the end is enough to justify why people like me can never tell the truth. Because as soon as someone starts to learn what you really think or sees how you really act, then they turn on you like a bunch of hics with pitchforks. Why live like an outcast, like a monster when you can live a better life than those around you, simply by feigning conformity?

I don't think sociopaths lack a conscience per say but more so lack empathy and an internally driven moral code.

I do think if they choose a sociopath can have an external moral code by which they abide, it just doesn't come internally as it does with empaths.

A sociopath is the name given to people that do have a conscience, and do not experience the emotion of empathy... The name used to be called "psychopath." They changed it in the 80's I believe because of the preconceptions and the stereotype image people associated with the name. Like an anti social, loner, outcast, ugly, no people skills and is basically a mad man. <br />
They changed is to sociopath because their are plenty of people with anti-social personality disorder (this is the scientific term used in the DSM), which you have at least a majority of the traits called for to make the diagnosis. Its a personality disorder, there is no cure. And most sociopaths are not crazy, lunatics. And there are plenty that are not murderers either. They are simply motivated by power and control. ANd not every sociopath gets off on killing people to achieve those things. There are plenty of sociopaths that are CEOs of companies. They are motivated on getting ahead, and money for example. Its whatever drives you. Sociopaths are known to be functional, faking emotions because they cant feel, handsome or pretty, very charming and persuasive. Kinda like how you describe yourself, but then again all this is in the eye of the beholder. And for someone who says they talk themselves up and FEEL more important and superior to others, I'll take it with a grain of salt. No offense ;) Also the way you are and treat people, your lack of remorse, you taking pleasure in other peoples pain........ I have news for you... You and every person out there like you are in NO WAY superior. You are simply delusional and it sounds like when you were a teenager and depressed you made what you said to yourself a self fulfilling prophecy. You are not superior. You are a social parasite, a weak, WEAK man and that is why you cant feel or care about anything or anyone by you. You are not powerful at all, you are in fact the exact opposite. Keep living in your fantasy land because sooner of later you'll reap what youve sewed in ten fold. <br />
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Bye bye :)

Congratulations!!!! You are a highly functional sociopath.<br />
<br />
i envy you, i was broken in my teens and that i find it hard to recover. worse i'm not half as smart as i used to be

I have never killed anyone. The guy I am talking about had serious issues to begin with, I simply made his life a little bit harder by freezing his bank accounts and denying him money. I also barred him from leaving the country to see his family. A couple of days following several meetings and distressed phonecalls from the bankrupt, we found out he had hung himself.<br />
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When I heard, I thought it was extremely funny. The guy was a loser; I have no respect for people who are bankrupts. He is worth more dead than alive - literally. I was also quite happy because all of his money could then be spent on the bankruptcy, and my firm had first dibs on the cash. Of course my colleagues thought that I was a little shook up from the whole thing; if they knew how I really felt they would think I was a monster :D

I dunno. One therapist called me the biggest narcissist she had ever met (and she was old). I think the term sociopath gets relegated to serial killers. I could never hurt someone physically nor would it give me any gratification. Yet, I have destroyed lives. I never see my children and it doesn't bother me one bit. I have no real remorse for the actions I have done that have caused others suffering. I rectify mistakes like that to continue a comfortable lifestyle not because of guilt. I've never experienced shame yet I can feel happy (content may be a better term). <br />
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I am not a professional, but then again, does anyone truly understand the workings of emotions and neurochemistry? The professionals I have encountered are all over the place and none I have met were particularly insightful. I don't feel you are a sociopath but even though you have presented a well written account of your life, I still don't have enough information about you.