This Title Is Here Because I'm A Sociopath.

And I'm writing this because I'm a sociopath.

It gives me giggles and chuckles and such, and I have to explain everything I do because I want to make it very, very clear that I'm a sociopath. So please, don't label me otherwise. Trust me, I just write here because it gives me giggles and ****. Everything I do clearly leads back to being a sociopath because for some reason it leaks into every facet of my life. I eat chocolate and french fries because I'm a sociopath and not because they contain sugar and that's what my body is designed to seek. And trust me, eating chocolate and french fries is full of evil. I mean, come on, they're carbohydrates. That's like, evil squared. And evil equals sociopath. So I'm sociopath squared, which is waaaay more sociopath than you.

For some reason I believe I'll be under scrutiny unless I explain everything in relation to my sociopathy, because for some reason I'm insecure and I post **** to boost my ego, but trust me, I'm so full of myself because I'm a sociopath, I don't need an ego boost. I just do this for ***** and giggles. Trust me, I'd rather be killing some four month old puppy right now, but this has equal entertainment value so I'm doing this instead. Because I'm a sociopath.
JackalTheGreat JackalTheGreat 18-21, M 16 Responses May 23, 2011

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Ha! Very funny, and tongue in cheek. Well written as well. you could be the sociopathic John Stewart (please don't do that).

Well played. I only said that because i'm a sociopath.

Big lolz dude! What a breeze of fresh air!


You are truly retarded

A troll. At least this one doesn't take himself too seriously.

You're either high, or awesome

you r awesome! =)

Well, you certainly have the charming personality of a sociopath.



I like giggles too, but have you considered trying anti-diarrhea medicine for the *****?


w00t! I wasn't going to be scored, but I'm glad you took the time to evaluate it anyway. Makes me feel special :3

Actually, the fact that anyone really replied makes me feel special in general. Like, somehow, despite your intentions to do otherwise, you guys actually cared. Thank you, I was feeling like nobody cared about me. I WAS CRYING ALL NIGHT :'[

Your whole post could be summed up in three words and have the same message as your entire story.

'I'm a ****'.

That's four words

Technically three words and four asterisks, if you break the contraction down. Thankyou for your insight and valuable contribution! #idiotsavant

You're welcome

I'm jackal and I write things just to **** other people off, because for some reason it gives me ***** and giggles. I believe I'm waaaay better than all of you and there's no way you can say I'm insecure in my sociopathy if I constantly point out the insecurities of others. It's called redirection, duh, magicians do it and so do pickpocketers and politicians. I also make non sequiturs because I think the formula for funny is entirely based on absurdities and/or paraprosdokians. I'm also very subtle and ****. I think I'm bauss, also, because I get turned on by people dying and being dead and stuff, and because I can make up words that sound like they mean something.

lol Better and better