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Okay for one let me clarify somethings, if you have to think that your a sociopath, your not. I just turned eighteen a week or so ago and the thing is I am a true sociopath. Right now I have to see a therapist, psychatrist, social worker, case manager, another possible therapist and they're trying to determine what medications maybe "beneficial" to me. I was recently admitted into Childrens hospital on the seventeen of last month and spent twelve days in there in their "psych" unit, most people think so what you went to Childrens. Well, Ive been in and out of there since I was about seven or so. My mind is so twisted and 'disturbed' that the Hamilton county court system deemed that I was too dangerous to return to my family due to homocidal thought (along with many other things) so now I do not live with my family. My mind is so bad that as a teenager they where considering putting me in a ADULT psych-unit where the big crazy people are. But they didnt. They believe that I am also borderline (whatever) and a few other things. Now my 'condition' is also caused by brain damage in which I believe happened during my mother pregnancy and birth. My father punched my mother in the stomach when she was pregnant, during birth I had oxegon depervation and have had some head injuries as a child. Whatever the cause I dont care. I am only sharing this because I find it amusing how many people who are nothing more than self centered a-holes think their psycho. Well guess what stop trying to diagnose yourself because your being a jerk. I didnt even know or let alone think twice about being like this, do you think when I 'hurt' those animals I thought to myself "I must be a sociopath" NO! Or when I kept knives and a axe in my room that I thought that, or whenever I have fantasies of doing things to people that I thought that. NO, in fact I still find myself normal because for one....it took seventeen years for any of these people to notice anything. Now if you where to meet me I am the most sweetest person, girls say there should be more guys like me in the world, people feel safe and warm around me, my friends think I am a cool dude and fun to be around. But when people get to really know me they seem to wonder away, I have had ex-gfs tell me that at first I seem like a really loving perfect guy but once they get to truly know me I am some type of moster. Oh, so scary (roll my eyes), now I do have the typical "symptoms" of a sociopath.

Lack of emotion and lack of empathy and emotion of others in which the staff at the hospital said I could be a "danger to society" yeah whatever. Narsisitic, lack of conscious, I use to be able to make the therapists think I was a normal boy....blah blah blah yall know the rest. But people dont seem to see what I truly am in which I have perfected over the years by watching people and learing. I am and use to be a bad child but I learned the dos and donts to behavor that result in a favorable outcome. I did bad things but I always was a good child for the simple reason. If a bad kid does something wrong everyone jumps all over him if a good kid does something wrong he gets a simple tap on the hand. Its worked relentless times for me. So for you people who THINK your psycho stop waisting your and my time reading this bs. Your fine sop being paranoid with your little monkey brains.
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Sorry mate but your no sociopath. If you were a sociopath you would never have gotten caught in the first place. You may be mental, but your not what you wish to be.

I have read your story...and even though others think your a monster...I'd like to talk to you more..

**** you.
I am a psychopath too, and you know what? I knew I was just before my psychiatrist came up with this.

Your not a psychopath simply because a psychopath could not be here. They are impulsive destructive creatures. They don't have time nor the patience for this.

I understand the the reason of the post unlike many others who are just bagging on you, your pissed off with this site and what stupid people post faking all sorts of ******* ****

You seem to be "showing off". Yes, that seems like you need our approval (opposite of sociopathy?). It seems like you WANT us to know your a sociopath, and WE'RE not, by shooting us down within the first sentence of your paper. You have more going on than sociopathy my friend. Your a crazy ****, mate.

You are john griffin senoia ga

It seems as if you are concerned about your status as a sociopath and those others who may or may not be. By definition I'm not sure if that qualifies you as one. Although, the current dsm 4 definition is not one I would characterize as being one which clearly spells out the characteristics that psycologists wish to describe accurately, it does describe a certain type of behavior. Do people who benefit society and exhibit similar characteristics qualify as sociopaths. For example the scientist who does anything to get to the answer he is seeking... A cure for a disease. He cheats, lies, and steals to get grant money for his cause not so much for the cure but to be recognized by his community and promoted.

I would be less concerned about labels and just focus on your future.

Interesting. To all the Sociopaths who have dreamed bad dreams. If you felt horror, how then? I come to thought that you were incapable of these things.

We all feel fear to an extent it is humanly impossible to not have some type of fear, but my fears are minimum. See, for example my grandmother seems as if she is always afraid that someone will rob you, kill you, break into your home, or hurt you in some way. I do not fear death, dying doesnt bother me because every single person on facebook, every single person on this webiste and every single person in this world will die. So why fear it? I do not fear other humans, when I was younger I had a man pull a knife on me when I was walking home from school. I had made my mother some type of thing and he was trying to take it. He asked me, "whats in the bag little boy?" And I said to him and I swear on this, I was only ten years old or so. I said to him,"Your ******* head if you dont back up." Then thats when he pulled the knife on me, instead of screaming or running I grabbed this metal pipe (we were next to a new home that was being built and there were materials out) and I looked at him and said "**** you." Even as a child I was not afraid, to be honest I do not know what I fear. When the fear or death is lifted from you, many other things seem to go away with it. I dont mind heights, I drive fast, I keep my windows down when I drive, if someone breaks into my house they better be ready for a suprise. So all in all, I dont know what I am scared of. Well, I dont like bees and thats only because I am allergic. Weird, I habe never thought about that before...hmmm.

You have no fear then. So should I continue to think sociopaths are incapable of fear? Well.....fear of getting caught for doing something bad perhaps? The fear of punishment that is

Regardless of what you are, your still a ****** idiot. And lack of oxygen?? Think about that one good and hard ****** retard.<br />
<br />
Good luck getting 51x50'd.

One, its funny how people can say things like this over the internet because they dont have to show their faces. And two, yes lack of oxygen if you knew anything about the human brain during infancy it can cause some parts of the brain to shut down. And that doesnt make me a retard seeing that my lowest grade is a 83% and that I am in three college course classes as a senior and got a 29 on my ACT and that I could be going to Ohio State. And what the hell is 51x50'd? Once more it's funny how you can insult me over a computer, I find it very humorous.

I thought you were in a psych ward?

hahahahaha you better ******* believe it man. go ahead and try to prove yourself by telling us your grades in school, lame piece of ****.

watch it, remember your saying this to me over a computer. And not to my face, I find people like you funny. You can type whatever you want and hit Enter but its diffrent when your face to face with someone. Keep your mouth shut.

Idiot. His grades will have nothing to do with the functioning of his mind in regards to sociopathy. There are low functioning cases as well as the highly intelligent.
NOT that I am calling to unintelligent, jlectar123.

And more to the point, you're trying to insult him? You think he cares? You think it hurts? You hurt...you're only shouting at a wall.

What the **** are you blabbering about? When did I make those assumptions? Quote me. I bet you won't even reply..

I bet your one of those "low functioning" cases. x]

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Just curious, but do any of the other sociopaths here dream?

For me either I dont remember my dreams or I dont dream but when I did they where true horrors, somethings haunted me about my past. And I think I have dreamed about them. Not sure.

Very intriguing, The ONLY dream I remember was a Nightmare after reading Necroscope by Brian Lumely..... but light dreams,...I never have.. wonder if there is any research on this...

I have incredibly lucid dreams every night although I don't sleep well and only get to the 3rd or 4th level of sleep so I expect it has more to do with never getting past the REM stage of sleep than with being a sociopath

I have never dreamed, I sleep like a baby but it is just like a long black out. Music I find, makes me forget about the world, try Chopin because we all need something to fill the incessant boredom.

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If you're being sent to see psychiatrists and psychologists and being put in mental institutions, you're not doing a very good job of hiding anything. I've seen multiple psychologists but, for the most part it was for anger management and because I was burning myself at one point. The anger management stuff was a load of BS, especially the time it was mandated by my school, after I threatened a teacher and through his lesson plan book at him. The situation had nothing to do with anger and everything to do with putting him in his place. The burning wasn't for the sake of burning, it was actually to manipulate and screw with a girl whose head I was messing with at the time. Unless you want to end up being locked up for your life, I suggest you learn to do a better job of fitting in with the rest of society. You seem to have a lot of other issues which could also be the cause of your actions and way of thinking. It's one thing to just be the way you are, having nothing traumatic or anything ever happen to you and another thing to have actual brain damage from oxygen deprivation, before you were even born. Though I relate with some of the things you have said and you sound like you could actually be a sociopath, the other factors mar that possibility a bit. You could be a sociopath, you could be a kid with a physically messed up brain who just doesn't think like everyone else because of it. At least you can pin point exactly where your life began. I've been studying the subject for some time now and for me, I got nothing; I've been how I am, thought the way I think, for as far back as I can remember, and I can remember as far back as a car crash when I 3 years old.<br />
<br />
I am curious though, something I've wondered about others, do you find that you have an abnormally acute memory? I've been wondering if it's just me or if it's an actual thing that we all have in common. I'm 31 years old and remember things that others normally don't.

Thats very odd that you mentioned that because I do have a memory like that, I can remeber my home layouts from when I was a child (we moved alot) but I can remember every single thing about them. I have such a good memory to the point my mom has to look up things or pictures to see if I am right. I am. And my mind goes further than lack of oxegon I have had some "things" happen throughout my childhood that may have contributed to my "illness" some abuse. What I think I will do is start some stories lke-

Teen Sociopath 4 real: Emotions

Teen Sociopath 4 real: Relationships (ETC)

Interesting, that makes you the second confirmed person who also has that ability. Not that 3 sociopaths having that ability means anything but, in all the reading I've done, I haven't seen anything about sociopaths having a memory that's more acute than others. I'm going to start asking this question more often, to see it is something else that's there. I've always thought that I was just weird or something, that I had a memory like that.

I never understood that about myself because if I was to go to my old house when I was seven I could literally walk through the house and know where everything is positioned. I remember the full layout, I remember events...its odd really.

People who frequently lie and manipulate others have to remember all the lies and manipulations so that they do not get caught. The use of memory for this function likely allows the brain to retain and recall memories more efficently.
Practice makes perfect

I've just joined this site so haven't actually commented properly yet but I had to after reading your comment. Im also a sociopath and have an incredible memory for anything that interests me, as in literally anything that interests me. However if I feel something is beneath me (as a lot of things are) I barely take them in but I still have a pretty good recall. The things I seem to have a really good memory for are things that I think will impress others. I found it really interesting reading this and would also be really interested to hear if there is a link between sociopathy and REALLY good memory

Maybe that's it! It would make perfect sense that if your life is an act, as mine is, you would develop an incredible memory if since you could remember you were lying and making up a personality for
the benefit of other people,
As an aside, I've just joined this site but been reading it for a while and cant believe how many people seem to use this disease/curse as an excuse to behave like ******. I think there is a high percentage of trolls and narccisistic rage complex on here wanting to impress and be thought of as 'bad ***' as I believe the Americans put it

Very, very interesting. I can remember everything after one point, when I was small we were traveling in the car when I was around 3. It is if everything before that is blank but I remember everything after that. Every single little detail, conversations I thought important, places we went and even down to complex mental notes I made of people from as far back as I can remember.
Using "this disease/curse as an excuse" is exactly what a sociopath would do is it not? Truth is most have an identity disorder and want to feel bad/evil because it appeals to them. Well news flash folks, 1 out of every 100 has it in some mild form and people are so good that it never really surfaces. I never do anything that is not premeditated, I have total control of myself. I am not Hannibal Lecter, I do not plan murders or undertake them, my room is not full of axes like the moron that created this thread say's he has. I have never been into a mental institution and find it very hard to believe that someone that was released from one would be able to carry on with the antics described. Basically a sociopath is nothing special, lack of emotions is the only real universal trait. I do not consider it to be a curse or disease, I know nothing only this and I have no desire to change, it is an advantage in the rodent race.

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Try to feel good inside no matter what and always always step up and try to help others in return you will be helping yourself.<br />
<br />
Bless you and keep trying to keep it real and safe.<br />

Where did this garbage come from? Are you an idiot or something. What does this comment have to do with this shared experience? Try to feel good inside....are you serious? Haha, it amazes me how stupid the general population of the world is.

.... Why would you say something like that to someone who is just trying to give someone positive advice. and saying bless you. i dont judge anyone but i would have to say your the idiot in this situation not the person trying to give positive advice rather it has nothing to do with the matter or not.

I enjoyed reading your expierence. I am not a sociopath. But i know enough about subject. and it is borderline personality disorder. =p just thought id help you out. Anyways. the only thing i did not agree with on your post is calling people out for saying who they are. You do have to understand this is a site that people can come on and say what they feel, rather they are or arnt nobody is trying to play the who has the most mental illness's lol. i do understand where your coming from but as well you do know that you have this disease and some other people who write may also know as well some may diagnose theirselves etc, fact is they come on here to share how they feel about it and nobody should be judging them rather they lie or not. thts the whole point of this site to meet with other people who think and feel like them. i just hate seeing people put down because of thoughts or feelings beacsue if they stop writing then it takes soemthing away from them and you dont want to be the person to do that to someone. they could really be a sociopath you never know. =p anyways good luck with your journey. write more i would love to read!

I have to giggle at this. "beacsue if they stop writing then it takes soemthing away from them and you dont want to be the person to do that to someone."

Think about it, he is a self admitted Sociopath, he is saying that he does Not care how his words affect others, ad you try to appeal to... what?? How bad it is to hurt others with his words? As one sociopath to one that is Not... trying to tell im that he does Not want to hurt the feelings of others is gonna fall on deaf ears,... may as well try and teach a Blind man to love the beauty of a rainbow. He cannot relate to the feelings of others....