The Cure For Socipaths

Hello, you will learn how to stop being a Sociopath!

The first step is understand what a Sociopath is. They say there is no cure. Well they are right. No known medic-en that can help out someone who has Socipathic urges and traits. So how can one cure someones train of thought, someones urges? Being a Sociopath is Giving into ones self, We are all born selfish. To prove this look at children we have to teach them to share teach them not to hurt others. So in a since we are all Sociopaths as children. We LEARN, those who do not LEARN carry on these traits. Anyways I am getting off topic. The only true cure is, God. I do not care what you believe but God is the only cure. Being a Sociopath is a addition, just like any kind of drug, we like to steal to lie to cheat to kill, its fun it gets our blood rushing. It says in Psalm 103:3 who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases. It clearly says it, in fact sociopaths are in the bible the man named Saw who killed and tutored Christians he thought what he was doing was justified, well God came down and told him it was wrong and God cured him, from that day on he was a wise and loving man. You see the evidence is in front of you. I was a Sociopath, I have killed, lied, cheated, stolen, almost everything. I gave the "God Thing" a try and I felt something inside, something I have never truly felt only mimic-ed. It was...Emotion, love, joy, true happiness. I did not fine these things in killing cheating ect, I only found haha thats funny, but it wasn't enough, what I found in God was enough, more than enough. And most of you Sociopaths will not even bother trying yes we are smart we are cunning but you and me, we both are stupid, we get a big head we think we are top dog we do not like to admit something is better than us, we like power control chaos death, we like everything that is selfish. that is your down fall that is what destroys us sociopaths we do not accept anything that is better than us. I know you have that hole in your heart that emptiness you feel, you feel complete when you do your bad deeds you feel great, but when you come off the high then you want to do it again. Well most of you self proclmained Sociopaths will not even bother to take this advice you feel you are to smart or to cunning, you are the ones who will parish and fail in the end. 

Open Your Mind, You have no power no authority you are a fragile shell just because you can kill or lie cheat steal do wrong have no emotion doesnt make you crazy doesnt make you unsalable, look at the bible, everyone screws up, everyone gets "sick" 

Did you know in the bible it says the devil attacks our mind first then our body, and being a Sociopath and every other mental disorder has to do with your mind? Funny isnt it. For you that accept this information message me I will help you the best I can.
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I believe I have developed the sociopathic behavior over time being betrayed and hurt and closed off every feeling. I want so badly to repent and accept the Lord's forgiveness but I'm afraid I never will because I can longer feel remorse. I would appreciate any advice. Thx

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Good article, made me think. I think we are all born sociopaths but our brains are not completely developed when we are born. If we don't use a part of the brain then it doesn't develop its like a muscle that needs stimulus. The parts of the brain underdeveloped in sociopaths can be strengthened as adults, sociopaths can change but a 'fully grown' sociopath going out into the world with this attitude would be at first acting like a child in many ways and look stupid as his underdeveloped brain tries to carry the weight of emotion society expects a fully grown 'normal' adult to bear. People will think he is retarded as he grows up again making the mistakes that children make but that is the price that has to be paid for the new opportunities that being emotionally developed brings.Sociopaths; they took shortcuts as children because at the time the pain was too much to bear. But as adults they have learnt many things they didn't know as children, they can now cope with the pain in a more adult way. Especially if they read and google things and are willing to listen to experts and use expert advice to help them cope with the pain of their past.With all the time and discomfort it takes to change, the question is; does the sociopath want to develop into being be a more normal person more than he wants to continue acting only as a sociopath?I think its also important to consider that someone that grew up as a sociopath is always going to be capable of switching back to being a sociopath whenever he feels he needs too. Nothing can change that.Sociopaths have cold hearted mental skills most people envy but what these mental skills lack is the ability to truly/genuinely/honestly interact with others. The two are incompatible in a present moment. Sociopaths need to train themselves to feel similar to the way a green soldier recruit would have to be trained to cut off their emotions when they fight. Then they have to learn to switch on and off at appropriate times, by choice, in a state of awareness.

I really hope your right. I want to have hope for my ex. This article. Has given me the most hope so far. I want to help him so bad but I don't know how. And I feel so sorry for him. He has no idea I think he is a sociopath. And I don't know if he has ever even thought he is or even knows what it is. But he's unhealthy at 34 years old completely self destructive towards himself and others and he's gonna die soon if things don't change.

what if I think my husband could be one?Are their "mild cases that don't kill or act violently but still lie ,abandon you emotionally and claim all is my fault?

I always thought i was close to God and kept doing whatever i wanted rather than living by the commandments .. kind of a short memory type thing. I was the kid who had the parties in college but eventually didnt take it serious enough and failed out. Got into a good union electrician job and quit that because i felt i could do something i love instead of what i needed. which i think is structure. I've always smoked weed and even sold it for awhile up until i had something go wrong with law enforcement and i fell into a huge depression. started reading the bible and made me realize what type of person i am. I know alot of people but i feel like i became cool because of my awareness of what is cool and just did what i always thought was cool rather than what was right. I feel like when im not making people laugh, keeping the conversation going, buying people shots, or rolling up blunts for everybody im a loser. I've had many different groups of friends, have had a bunch of money and blew it all away. I keep seeking more of God but continue to lean on my own stupid misunderstanding. I get jealous, envious and i used to get real pissed at things but now i just keep it inside and act like everythings alright.

I'd like to think that I can self heal. I have been born into a Christian family and the power of the Lord does reside in me. All I need to do is remember those words and the meaning they yield and my inner soul will guide my outer self to make the righteous decision. I am recognizing that I have sociopath like tendencies, and no longer will I ignore the calling to do what is right. No matter how much effort the right decision takes to make, I will push through my laziness, and empathize with the people around me.
Thank You for your advice. I hope more people like us can realize that we do need help. But "God" does not help those who do not help themselves.


What if a sociopath was already into god but still behaved this way

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Thank you I believe God can change me .I believe Jesus is our only way.

You're grammar is ****. Also how can the love of God cure me? Think about it, God made you who you are; ergo he made me a sociopath. If you believe in God that is. Also Saw wasn't a sociopath. What he was doing was his job. He felt empathy. Damn. You're reasonings suck.

First off, his name was Saul, not Saw. Saul was NOT empathic, nor was he ASSIGNED a "job" to kill, as you suggest. He was destructive...guess who that related to. The love of GOD did cure him! Secondly, it could well be argued that he was sociopath and/or psychopath. Thirdly, God created you and me in HIS image, making sociopathy an environmentally learned behavior, or manifestation of the Father of Lies!
Damn your cognitive process sucks, and synapse fails to occur!

"God created you and me in HIS image, making sociopathy an environmentally learned behavior, or manifestation of the Father of Lies!" -- amazing how much i can relate to this .. i learned how to "act" from being around people. Feel like i never had a true identity just always did what the cool thing was.

Hey r u still around....?????

if god is not willing to show itself to me or let me know it exists then I am not willing to worship or believe it

He DOES show Himself, all Creation testifies to He Above. Believe, that you may see, as in jn9. BIble and believe For God SO LOVED the world, HE GAVE His Only Son

The commonalities between sociopaths and children are because children do not understand the impact they have nor do they fully even understand others have thoughts feelings dreams and wants like themselves. They change when the brain develops the proper parts to change their behavior. In a sociopath love and empathy do not develop and remain dorment. We learn to know others as living things like ourselves sooner than normals. However without emotion the only remainder is logic and logic says why would one not do everything they can to get above everyone. I'll believe in god when there is a single scrap of evidence saying he exists. Of course you'll feel good once you are convinced there is a deep loving caring person in the sky who wants what's best for you. Who wouldn't? That'd be great. But as countless evidence and reasoning proves there is no such thing. Any evidence for Christianity (one of the newest religions relative) is the same evidence people use to vindicate their own religion. There were thousands of deity figures throughout history, the only reason they aren't around was being society was more brittle then. I'm not attempting to be offensive so if you choose to respond do so in a nonaggressive manner. Remember, that's what a small portion of deity's believed in. Including yours. And also not including yours. Seems that every bible has its own version of your god, so I guess depending on which one you chose respond appropriately.

You've obviously watched waaaay to many episodes of Star Trek and buy into that Vulcan ideology of pure intellect. Get a doesn't exist except in the twisted and convoluted output of a sick mind!

I've only seen one if the newer star trek movies. Watched it years ago with my Stepfather. It was pretty good, but didn't have much to do with vulcans. Or Spock really in a way; therefore, I don't know what ideology you're speaking of.

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I have recently discovered I am a sociopath thou hidden for many years by proper upbringing and a love of life. Since the current state of the world has slowly taken from me the hope I once possessed it became clear I am not a viable human being. I asked God to kill me and he failed to answer so I am removing myself from society.

Add a response...That was well written and very true. I did not appreciate the comments below mocking God. God is your creator whether you like it or not. He is real, He is very alive and He is very powerful. I also believe Satan attacks the mind also. I absolutely believe this. I am positive God is real because of my few real supernatural experiences that I have had and I don't say that halfheartedly. I am positive He is alive. I have held a real apparition photo of Jesus as a young girl and I know the ones that have been captured around the world are absolutely real because they look just like the picture I held in my hands. Do whatever you can to get right with God and set yourselves free. Yes person below, it has to come from you but if you want to feel the true love of God, ask Him to come into your heart. We are on this earth to learn to be better human beings and you will be held accountable for your actions and God does not tolerate evil in any sense of the word. You are sons of God. Satan hates people and wants them to be miserable to be honest.

Actually, I was created by sex.

I know this is an older post, but I still feel compelled to respond.

God has nothing to do with potential relief from sociopathic tendencies. God, in the way you speak of the concept, is a watered down version of a deeply spiritual understanding that is taken too literally by the masses. And while blind faith in this false concept brings many people deluded hope and happiness, its simply an illusionary bandaid used to cover up the real problems.

Well, you say, covering up the problem is what im trying to do? Right?
Well if thats your goal, sure, go with this, but know that you'll continue to have internal struggles with conflicting thoughts and ideas throughout your whole life. It won't fix a thing, and yet make you believe you fixed everything.

Im not going to start explaining the true spiritual meanings behind the allegory, metaphor, and symbolism hidden in organized religion, but I will say this:
The only way to unify your mind and stop any disliked/unwanted behaviour or thoughts, the kind that turn you into a monster, is to face them. No bandaids. Stare your demons in the face and ask them why they're here. Make them speak. Don't let them take over you. And this is the point. If you try to hide the demons by ignoring them, they will surface without you knowing and they will live through you. This is when you do things you wouldnt normally do.
When you confront your demons, and assimilate them and accept that this dark aspect within you is actually a part of you, then you can keep an eye on it to keep it in check. Its when its ignored that it gains control and you lose control.
Light cannot exist without dark, up cannot exist without down, good cannot exist without "evil". It is all within each of us, but we can choose how we live our lifes.
Most people learn to do good blindly. "This is what you do, why would you ask why? We are just supposed to do good."
But sociopaths don't have it in their nature to not ask why. They need an answer, and they can't get it from someone else. They will not learn from others. They need to make mistakes and learn for themselves. They need to find internal reasons with direct responses to actions in order to learn.
Most sociopaths are deemed 'uncurable'. And the reality is most will live life without a diagnosis.
The conscious sociopaths - the ones who do it knowingly and feel they gain something through the mahem experienced by others in their ripples - do not want to be cured. This is what they live for.
The unconscious sociopaths - the ones that are inherently like this and arent aware of it - dont have a choice, this is how they were raised to be.
Both types can be 'cured', but only if they come to understand how the way they think is different than others, and since they cannot learn based on experience or advice from others, this is a difficult and unlikely realization.
And when this realization is reached, they wont be 'cured' with religion, not with drugs, not with a heavy reliance on outside help, such as a phychologist (but they do help). The only way to rid oneself of sociopathic tendancies is to consciously change the way you think, and this is why no amount of external help alone can change one for the better. Its 90% internalized phsychologial work. And its hard work. But its possible.

I speak from experience.

I am probably a lot younger than you but i have already experienced a lot of what you talk about. I fortunately have people who care about me and have kept me from walking down my darker sides path. I woke up to hate being my first strong emotion. My logic always stemmed from "might is right" because of it. My logic turned into my shield from my hate and for awhile it worked i was stable. But you are right that not confronting your demons lets them control you. It was/is really the people who i learned to trust and for whatever illogical reason care about their view of me that has held me back. When my logic failed me i got really lucky and i found love. I know i dont feel it the same way as normals but i do feel it. I try and confront my demons like you suggest but all i see staring back at me My morality my compassion i have found comes from my loved ones like a shirt you put on. But my loved ones are leaving me and breaking my trust. not all of them and not all at once but the people i ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT are disappearing. And logic now haunts me. They are the only ones who can hurt me in my soul and it would be so much better to walk away to spare them...and me. But i would become a murderer at the least. I need to know how you confronted yourself. I need morality and empathy that is my own. I have found that love when i feel it burns out the logic and the hate. I feel like a real human being then. But they hurt the worst and leave the fastest. I want a cure because we live shadow lives and i want a full life

How can you be so sure I am much older than you? Out interactions exist only digitally, on this page, which reveals nothing about us.

The way we each confront ourselves can differ slightly from person to person, its really whatever method works best for you. But it generally involves mindful meditation, and careful, thoughtful awareness throughout the day, every day. In this way you become a third person "observer" of sorts. You observe this body you are in: observe your emotional, physical, and psychological experiences like thoughts and concepts, but do not attach to them and identify with them as who you are.

-You occupy a body, you are not your body,
-You experience emotion, you are not the emotion and should not become the emotion,
-You have thoughts and visual imagery that flutters like clouds through your mind, these thoughts are not who you are.
-you are pure awareness, you observe these phenomena. Observing allows you to reflect on what you see more carefully and intelligently, and respond instead of react.

You say when you tried to confront your demons all you see is you. This is normal. These demons I speak of are aspects of your self that are tucked away into a "rejected" category of the mind. Parts you disagree with or don't like or don't accept. They may seem like 'evil' parts of you, but these are just old emotional and psychological wounds that were never properly processed and were left aside in the "rejected/forgotten" category of the mind - lost to the unconscious - and allowed to fester to become something much worse than they were from the start.

I could suggest a few books.
Start with "Eastern Body, Western Mind", by Anodea Judith. It's an amazingly straightforward introduction to the Chakra system, and it can help you find and name your demons. Its hard to confront them without knowing where to look.

I also suggest reading "Jung and the Alchemical Imagination", by Jeffrey Raff, and "Man and His Symbols", by Carl Jung.
They are both an excellent overview of the art of mental alchemy. These books hold secrets to aid us in reaching enlightenment.
Most people these days see alchemy as myth or fiction, but I assure you its very real. Its all metaphor and allegory for mental processes, not physical. It was written this way to keep the knowledge safe. You don't have to believe me now, but just start reading and learning and make an opinion for yourself.

Remember, its not about what you learn, its about making the connections between the things you learn.

Just wanted to say thank you for your book suggestions. I was going to reply to your first response to ask how you got to that stage of enlightenment. I too believe in reality is what you make it to be.
I believe my husband is a sociopath but I have just dealt with it by not letting him take advantage of me. And he has learned that I will not tolerate any mental abuse. I do have hope for him. I do believe he is capable of love, but I understand it is not the same as most people. I have so much empathy I amaze myself, but I believe this is the only way I would be able to be in this relationship without losing myself. Anyway I found this article because today he was suspended from work, of course for being spontaneous and irresponsible. And I was thinking about leaving him... I was looking for hope that he could be able to change, and you gave me that. I just want to say thank you.

Oh, P.S. Reality is exactly what you make it to be, nothing more, nothing less.

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This article really helped me see my problems clearer thank you for taking the time to write this God bless you.

Why would a person even consider this as an illness? Having sociopathic traits is a gift. The ability to manipulate humans into doing ones bidding is simply euphoric. Socio/psychopaths have masks built to coddle humans because they could not handle the edge that socio/psychopaths have. What this writer has done is that he/she simply managed to trick their own selves in to thinking that they are now "normal" with the hopes of trying to get society to accept them. Rip off that mask, and stop pretending like you're an empath.

This is a brilliant truth. Why work around people? Trample them instead. It's easier and leaves no regret.

sociopath's are much smarter, and far more persuasive then this. why would i trust a god that convolutes my conscience. the only time i should feel bad is if a plan fails. my fellow "humans" are but systems, and i am true life. if it is predictable it is not life.

Persuasive than* this

So, I agree with you on the fact that all sociopaths are, and this is my 'rewording' of your article "Overgrown children". Though when I read down to the only cure is "God" That's where I stopped. Ok, I see why you might think this, and in a way religion can help, but in this situation the real 'cure' (if hat's what you want to call it) Is learning self control. Religion gives us guidelines, the guidelines a sociopath is unable to learn themselves, as they have no conscience (tell me you're more evolved now). Oh, and don't listen to the people who're taking the ****, I believe anyone, everyone can change if they really 'WANT' too. It's your life, your choices, if you want to better yourself and be more of a human than a sociopath will ever be, then I respect you for that.

imagine a species, now put it on a timeline of its progression. all the sudden a cyst appears on this timeline. useless wasted material accrues upon this cyst. that is human conscience. it serves no purpose other then pathetic weaklings clinging on for dear life. they cling on so tightly that we learn to love the admiration they give us. but it does not help us in the long run. they demand a voice, but they do not deserve one.

I am god! Bow down to me! Hitler and I have become more powerful than you can possibly imagine!

oh yes, we will definitely 'parish' from our sinfulness. You say you've killed... uhuh, right. you forgot to mention that you lied as well.

What is this? A forum for all the antichrists to respond to? <br />
<br />
Under the response box, it does say, 'Please respond with authenticity, support, and respect.' ?????<br />
<br />
By the way, whether you believe in God or not, a time will come when 'Every knee will bow, & every tongue will confess' that He is God, like it or not!<br />
<br />
Nothing is too difficult for God. He can deliver us from ALL things including metal illness. God bless the author of this article!

Haha You believe in god, and are a sociopath! (the jokes write themselves)

i agree not tech possible i think ill write a comedy (the christian sociopath)

Sociopathy isn't something that should be "cured". We ate not a disease. If anything, we are a more highly evolved species of human. In fact, your God promised you free will but bound you to guilt if you did wrong. Your God damned you, while (if He exists) giving us true free will to do as we please.

Why would I want to look to an imaginary being in the first place? Logically if God exists he made me this way. He made people who kill and hurt other people. He created humans like Hitler who murdered way more people than I ever could.<br />
<br />
If God exists, he's one of us.

A cure, HA your funny. If you read Teen Sociopath 4 real you will know there is no cure. Its not an illness either

Ahh and one more thing. I only scanned this pro-religious drivel you posted, but something stood out. <br />
<br />
"I have killed, lied, cheated, stolen, almost everything." and "I did not fine these things in killing cheating ect, I only found haha thats funny," <br />
<br />
F*cking liar. There are some things that you just do not admit to. Ever. Not even online where one can be "anonymous". You're just a loser who suffers from low self-esteem and tries to pump up his image of how naughty he used to be. Christianity calls for all losers with low self-esteem. Your story reminds me of "ex-witches" who claim that they used to be in a Satanic coven that sacrificed babies and how they gave it all up for Jeebus. They talk about the occult from a standpoint of someone who never was a part of the occult. Someone who just read some books and took too many things literally. They needed to feel special and to prove to others that their whole like wasn't a worthless sham. And the Christians believed they hit the jackpot and would get extra Jesus points for converting a real life Satanist who can tickle their ears on made-up stories that NEVER happened. <br />
<br />
Stay Christian. You fit right in. The only person you will ever kill is yourself. Why? Because you fail at life and you fail at lying. You are a Failure. And THAT'S the truth, Praise God!

A men

<br />
God? GOD?!! God?!! Oh slap a baby Jesus, you people sure do know how to make me laugh.<br />
<br />
Anyone who wants a "cure" from sociopathy is probably not a sociopath. Why don't you idoits get off of here and go see a counselor for your mommy and daddy issues. For real, you all look pathetic. You probably possess traits that you are not happy about and want to change so you can have a "normal" life. With that I say, GTFO! Go live your normal and boring lives. I don't want a "cure" because nothing is wrong with me. I'm at the top of the food chain. If some "sociopath" can't handle the gift they were given, then they need to stick a gun in their mouth and blow out their useless brains. Yeah, I'm talking to you. Do it.<br />
<br />
<br />
The "God" of the Holy Bible does not exist. So she cannot help you. What could help in changing unsavory personality traits and patterns is the use of LSD in a controlled and therauptic setting. Experts in the field of Science and Psychology are aware of this and have used such experiments with great success. However, the government made LSD illegal and jailed and otherwised silenced those scienctific minds in the 60s and 70s. Though it didn't stop the government from using LSD on regular citizens and military personnel, now did it? Lol, yeah keep believing in your "God". One Nation Under God. Lol, One Nation Under Mind Control. That's why so many of you are so freaking stupid and still believe that "God" exists. There is more than enough information out there to prove that the Judeo-Christian god is nothing more than a myth and that Christianity is paganism. Mentally lazy idiots you all are. Continue to stay in the dark - the emotional, intellectual and spiritual immaturity of Christians keep me and my kind at the top of the food chain. Enjoy your crumbs, Jesus Freaks. :-)

Sociopaths are known for their emotional, intellectual and spiritual immaturity, woman. Something tells me you are trying to achieve the next level, beyond your current form, so let me touch you with a moist tentacle, and let me show you the truth!

Do shut up.

@ trackhead

Is that the best you got, Jesus Freak? What's the matter? That belief in your revised and revised and re-re-revised bible prevents you from making an intelligent comeback? How about you come and make me shut up? Can you do it by proving me wrong?

Tomorrow is SUN day. Do you plan on going to church? Sol Invictus! How bright and shiny he is. Like a morning star. Lol, idiot Christians...


There you go judging us by the same cloth. While sociopaths share similar traits, no two sociopaths are alike. Of course I'm trying to achieve higher levels. I would be a fool not to, Cthulhu. But I don't need your help getting there.

PM me your address and I'll gladly oblige :). The bible is garbage. Something put together by who knows who and translated from languages that no one speaks. There's no telling what was really written by various people, that was changed into other things, as written in the bible. Watch the film Stigmata, mostly a bunch of religious nonsense but, one part of the film, which is truth, is the fact that their are translated writings from other people, which the catholic church simply decided not to include as books of the bible. Apparently, only things that they agree with and helps keep people committed to the church, is what went into what we know as the bible. Also, I don't do church. Church is just a way for some lazy guy and his wife to make money, by calling himself a pastor, instead of getting a real job. Anyone can take a book and tell people their own interpretation of it. Nowadays, these pastors aren't even creative enough to give their own interpretations anymore, most use other books which help guide them, basically using yet another person's interpretation. Not giving up my money for a guy to stand up and talk once a week and spend the money of diamonds for his wife, while calling it money that for the church/God. It's amusing to go every once in a blue moon though, and listen to the crap.

Then what the **** is the point in having the label, "sociopath"?? It's a label that compartmentalizes a certain group of individuals by certain standards, and when you go above those standards you become something else entirely.
No two humans are alike, period, even sociopaths are human, you worn out prostitute.
And I was definitely not referencing lovecraft, the analogy of a moist tentacle reaching out to touch you was my flag that I know what the **** I'm talking about.
But hey, if your self-esteem can't afford it, go ahead and try to cover it up with that non-sense. Get in contact with me when you get your **** right cause I'm pretty sure I'm being (and have been) a worthwhile catalyst all along. I'm ready to treat you like an equal as soon as you realize this.

@ vhstech, LOL aww vhs, what's da matter? Mad because you don't have me eating out of your hand? Do you really think I give a flying **** how you treat me or what you think of me? Oh, please somebody, put the world on hold! Vhs thinks I'm a worn-out prostiute with no self-esteem. Excuse me as I cry my eyes out in this box of tissues, and then slit my wrists since I could never be as great as The One and Only VHSTECH. Someone needs to get over themselves. Simmer down, boy. It ain't that siruis. It's the internets. LMAO! Got a bit testy there, huh? Oh and far as me getting in contact with you, don't you think if I wanted to be in contact with you, I would? If I really thought you were interesting or my "equal" I would have contacted you a long time ago. But I haven't, so what does that tell you? Oh, did you forgot? Your simple as* fell right into my game and you left your email address on my Wall. I believe it is YOU who is interested in ME. Lol....funny you are. Carry on and treat me however you wish. You are no-thing and have absoluetly no importance to me. I saw and recognized your offering of comradeship and purposely I slapped it back. Are you really that dense?

Oh and to answer your question, vhs. What's the point of having the label? You act as though I gave myself this label. As though I made up the qualifications. I am simply a person who happened to fall into certain "criteria" according to mental health professionals. If anything the label does more harm than good; as most labels do. Because one is marked and branded, and it tells the world this is who you are. No more, no less. No chance of redemption, no chance of being anything outside of what people have already judged you for. If I were to find myself in criminal trouble, I'm already f*cked because my records show that I am a sociopath. The courts would show me no mercy or leniency because I am a "bad seed". It's society who feels everything needs to be put into neat little boxes with "labels" attached to them. It makes one mentally lazy, and if anyone doubts this, all they need to do is look at society as a whole. No one seems to possess the ability to look into the grey area. It's either black or white. Us vs. Them. Left or Right. It's ignorant and because of it, people are ignorant and easy to fool. All you need to do is play a side or certain "label" and your in. I don't live my life according to what some psychologist has labelled me as. I go about my daily life doing what feels right and natural for me. I don't spend time concentrating or thinking about the label. With exception of my minimal presence here, my sociopathy never crosses my mind. Please do not insult my intelligence. And please do not assume that you know me. I have known many individuals who have never gotten ahead in life because they're bipolar, ADD, and a host of other excuses. Why? Because they live their life based on a label and that label defines everything that they are and do. It is their crutch and excuse to be an unnecessary burden on others. My purpose is to show people that while someone may be a textbook sociopath, does not mean that sociopaths are cardboard cut-outs straight out of a textbook. It's not my fault that you take the world of psychology on as a personal religion. Do you understand now? You are over-complicating a simple issue. You are correct when you say we are not equals.

Trackhead, please stop while you're( barely) ahead. Your thinking is flawed. This is one of the major consequences of those who believe in the Judeo/Christianity religion. Denomination does not matter. Church-goer or non-church participant, does not matter. Whether you are a believer who believe the Bible is infallible or not, does not matter. As long as you believe in the Christian god you suffer from mental instability, which often times manifests itself in cognitive dissonance. You are not exempt. I am going prove what I'm saying by quoting some of your earlier responses.

"God created me just the way I am. God doesn't make mistakes so, I was intended to be the way I am. He is all knowing and all powerful;"

"I've seen others post about God and not believing for whatever reason. I am extremely arrogant but, I am not ignorant. There is a God and his son, Jesus died to save us all. The latter part of that is pretty much a matter of opinion; you can believe or not believe that Jesus was the son of God. Only the naive would go on thinking there is no God."

"I went to church for a very long time and studied the Bible a lot when I was younger. "

Then you come back with you later statement as though we are of the same mindset. That maybe if you blast what you think I agree with, we can come to some type of mutual understanding. You said this, "The bible is garbage. Something put together by who knows who and translated from languages that no one speaks. There's no telling what was really written by various people, that was changed into other things, as written in the bible."

So Einstein, you believe in god and Jesus. Where in the **** do you think that belief comes from? One book. A book that you call garbage. So in that same vine, if the book is garbage, would it not be safe to say that your belief in the Christian god and Jesus is also garbage? Maybe, just maybe the book was never meant to be taken literally. Unlike you, I do not believe the bible is garbage. There are many esoteric secrets and lessons in the bible if one knows how to read it. Christians do not. Occultists do. The bible has NOTHING to do with the christian god or this Jesus character. Jesus who is a made up lie based on the Egyptian Horus and a host of other deities from various cultures throughout ancient history. If one wants to truly understand the TRUE purpose of the bible, one must start with the Gnostics. Until then, everything you think you know is a lie. Stating that you believe in the Christian God and his son Jesus, but that the bible is garbage, makes you sound highly confused and utterly stupid.

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San Francisco, CA

That's right, look at you, trying to prove yourself to me by giving me a long and tired attempt at covering your tracks.. I see right through that horse ****, woman. :]]
Go ahead and lie to yourself, thinking you won the game and got a rise out of me haha, c'mon toots, you know the only thing you got on me is that sweet *** of yours. Does me giving my email up mean that much to you?...

Re-read that bullshit you wrote for me, you can easily sense the desperation in your words. I bet even you could pick at the flaws in your statement... pathetic. I would never regard someone stupid enough to get diagnosed with sociopathy as an equal (would you?), unless I was trying to ****, but this is starting to get boring. Heh, try harder next time, tell me about aaaallll the sociopathic crazy stuff you've been through so people on the internet can believe you x]

he said wet tenicle lmao

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We are all sociopaths as children, are you freaking kidding me. Having that in your opening already shows that you're clearly an idiot, with nothing important to say. Teaching a kid to share is simple but, you cannot teach a kid how to feel. You don't know what a sociopath is, which is why you have no clue what you are talking about. It has absolutely nothing to do with someone not being taught something as a child. You're in that stupid boat all by yourself.<br />
<br /><br /><br />
I've seen others post about God and not believing for whatever reason. I am extremely arrogant but, I am not ignorant. There is a God and his son, Jesus died to save us all. The latter part of that is pretty much a matter of opinion; you can believe or not believe that Jesus was the son of God. Only the naive would go on thinking there is no God. I came to the conclusion a long time ago, that there is a God and that there are many things that we are simply not meant to understand in this lifetime. There are tons of con artists out there, calling themselves priests, pastors and ministers, who give their own personal interpretations of God and the Bible and how we should live our lives. The fact is, they don;t know anything more than you or I, they just pretend to be somehow enlightened with additional information but, it's nothing but a load of bullshit, a way for them to make money and earn a living.<br />
<br /><br /><br />
God created me just the way I am. God doesn't make mistakes so, I was intended to be the way I am. He is all knowing and all powerful; when he allowed the creation of people like Gacy and Dahmer, he knew what path their lives would take and yet he created them anyway. Think about it, God creates person A, knowing that in 20 years, they would murder person C, D and E. We all supposedly have free will but, God could have changed something and made it so that person A didn't kill those 3 people but, he didn't. Is person A to blame for what they did? Can God hold person A responsible for those murders? You can think and think and think and you'll never come up with a correct answer to that. The fact is, it's simply beyond our current level of understanding and no person living in this world is able to understand on that level.<br />
<br /><br /><br />
I went to church for a very long time and studied the Bible a lot when I was younger. God does not interfere with us. You get sick and pray and then get well again. God already knew you were going to get well. You were going to get well, whether or not you prayed but, God did know that you were going to pray too.<br />
<br /><br /><br />
I can understand why many sociopaths wouldn't believe in God but, honestly, I think anyone who doesn't come to the conclusion that God isn't real, is with you in the stupid boat.

I know this question is inevitable, but it's also fair and reasonable given what you claim will cure this problem.<br />
<br />
If this so called God can cure it, why did the sick fool give it to people in the first place?<br />
<br />
This God is nothing more than a fictitious creation of man.<br />
<br />
Man has written all that is known about this imaginary being, no one really knows what the truth of all we see around us is. What we have is a mystery.<br />
<br />
The word God is mans simple way of explaining the unexplainable.<br />
<br />
Sociopaths are created by their environments. Only a change of fortune and environment will allow a sociopath to heal.

Not all sociopaths are created by their environment. Abuse as a child and mommy and daddy not showing enough love, is a cop out. My environment was perfectly fine; always in private school and given plenty of attention by my parents. I didn't get every single thing I wanted but, I did get most of it. While I believe that environment can be a factor, some are just born this way.

My friend, with respect, whilst you believe you were born a sociopath, the fact is, as far as you can recall, you believe you've been a sociopath. These are two very different statements.

You seem to believe being provided with all you believed you needed, somehow stops discontent.

I don't argue that all peoples wiring at birth is different, this is what makes us individuals, and this is why such a huge range of things can affect each of us all differently, and why the way people feel within themselves is very difficult to pigeon hole.

People are born different in many ways, many with both physical and psychological problems, but the real monster factory is our society and the way it treats people.

I speak with authority when I say I personally know that the best of people can be treated so badly that they die emotionally, their environments are so bad, they simply cannot afford to feel or they wouldn't survive their environments.

We may not be able to fix the wiring problems at birth, but we can shut down the monster factory by simply treating each other with respect, understanding, and acceptance of who we each naturally are.

Hello angel eyes...A sociopath is a manifestation of rage and anger from within the person if one doesn't recognize those virtues for length of time the (-) entity will be in full possession. Of course no drug company looking for the common cure for cold breast cancer...etc. I'm glad your choosing faith with god the almighty has always been within you since birth no church religion icon can match your inner-universe. It's all about choice and the higher power of learning<br />
<br />
Enjoy your new year beginning and have faith with humanity ^i^

A sociopath is not a manifestation of rage and anger; were do you people come up with this garbage? Next you'll say something stupid like, Sociopaths are possessed by a demon, haha.

Hi Trackhead31 I'm enlightened it keeps me grounded My definition of a Sociopath (-) manifestation: rage anger hate pride arrogance jealousy war confused....... So you feel these basic emotions is not a short fuse for any environment? You say Demon? I feel like taken back to christopher columbus when the world is considered flat. A person within it's own accordance without knowing can manifest as a sociopath depending on environment.

The problem is sociopathy already has a defenition, so if your defenition does Not match the defenition already ascribed to it, you are wrong.

Sociopathy is an Inability to connect with the emotions of others, and is known to lead to antisocial behavior, mainly because socio's do not plan ahead as much as they should, have no remorse, and have no limiting agent that is based on an emotional connection to those around them. Nothing in this has anything to do with being the embodiment of rage. Educate yourself before you seek to educate others around you otherwise " the Blind leading the blind, they both go into a ditch"

If sociopaths are so superior and so much smarter why do they get caught at their crimes and wind up in jail? Sociopaths are simply broken, frightened little people who hide behind a big bad facade of being invincible. If they have no conscious then they serve no purpose and need to be euthanized and eliminated from society as waste is eliminated with a flush!

'm sorry your reply is one sided it's the inability to connect within their emotion itself and to others still sameness with all other threads above. Or as you say "Blind leading the Blind" of their own accordance. Otherwise, words can be legal system or just don't know how to look in? If i'm a sociopath your saying I'm wrong with the above thread?? Are those the words you use for someone in council or need?? : fear anger hate are just the beginning recipe for sociopath unless someones has a defining moment of understanding the behavior prior to commit.

a person being a sociopath has Nothing to do with emotions. A sociopath can experience fear, can experience joy, can experience pleasure. What a sociopath does Not experience is an inner emotional connection to others. As I expressed it has a defenition already. You can question the defenition all you like, you can dislike it, you can wish the defenition were different, but that will Not change it. I can fume and roar cause a triangle has three sides. I can want it to have four. But that will Not change what a triangle is.

And that you need counsel or need... is irrelevant to the subject, what you really need is to accept that you are wrong in your definition of what a sociopath is.

You sir, are a retard

good post all behaviors controlled by frontal lobes mostly the left, i learned of this after 18 wheeler near took my head off took years 4 me to develop strong sense of responsiblity.

intitlement is usually childish emotion, or one of sum one abandoned most sociopaths come from or have seen wealth as child or carry great jealousy of mental achievments taken from them rarly does such a person look into self the only thing that cures it is real happiness or contentment one that feels robbed of sum feels less than there mental image of self makes sense how a spoiled child could grow old carring many sociopathic traits

good reply trackhead

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