I Can Make a Girl Do Anything But...

I can make a girl do what ever i want i am charming sweet and well spoken, but at some point thay relize i dont love them in a way thay can relate too.

You have no idea how it feels to see every one as a tool to be used, then you pick one out of the masses that you want to protect and thay go bat **** crazy.

The problum is that although i can controle people i dont understand them and thay dont understand me.  You have to understand its not my goal to be controling its just what happens when im aroumd people. 

My realationships always end the same way thay get mad at me over something i could have fixed if thay would have said something sooner then i get mad and its over.

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Try telling girls straight up what your like. Youll find someone willing to make it work. I had my heart broken by a sociopath. But now that I understand him better I would still go out with one again. The non-violent and non-cheating sociopath I could deal with.

There are no non violent and non cheating sociopaths.If they were non violent and non cheating they would not be sociopaths.your ex boyfriend might not have been one, just a very troubled young man,from a very troubled background that you came to understand.Please don't say that you will go out with a sociopath,pray God that you never,EVER meet one!

Ok maybe your just naive and not completely stupid, so let me educate you.. Sociopaths aren't all wife beating serial killers that you see in the movie's my dear. Their far more common than that :) respected CEOs, police officers, tv, gameshow hosts, journalists are all common professions for sociopaths. And some of them don't cheat actually because their obsessed with loyalty.

Although you are in your late twenties you need to grow up,you do not seem to have much insight into your behaviour,life is what you make it and you certainly are not doing yourself any favour,think of yourself in ten, twenty years time,where will you be?WHAT will you be?what will you have achieved?why do you think we are on this earth for?what contributions are you making to the world around you? PLEASE WAKE UP TO YOURSELF!!!

Cmon man were not suppose to be dumped! You sound like your on the right track but if they got a leash, they got a leash! I agree with lupygirl77 besides that she's a girl

ha, you're ******* stupid. cognitive empathy. you don't need to feel remorse to understand it... but at this rate, you're hopeless. so might as well **** people up intentionally ;)

If you sharpen your tool you could use it better.

Thanks for dispelling a myth about sociopaths. The myth is they are smart but I can see through your spelling that you are dumb. Bet you con dumb women? Hahahaha………anyone can do that! Stupid, stupid sociopath

Hes not a sociopath just stupid

This fuckhead gives us a bad name and I doubt he's a sociopath.

Furthermore it's not a fact that we're all very intelligent. Most of us are. Not all.

you give yourself a 'bad name' being a socipath isnt something ou should be proud of. Thats like someone being proud to be a *****! where's your ******* logic?

Thanks for dispelling a myth about sociopaths. The myth is they are smart but I can see through your spelling that you are dumb. Bet you con dumb women? Hahahaha………anyone can do that! Stupid, stupid sociopath

it puts me in mind of my brother yes he used women all his life after they did not have anything left to use he moved on left them broken and it worked out great until he met a woman just like him.well now his older alone no money.he could never work for anyone because he always has to be in control no one is smarter then him he thinks.so he is older guy that has nothing .people once they have known one sociopath catch on.

I highly doubt you can control a person. You can't even control the keyboard.

hi im not exactly a sociopath but i am a paranoid schizophrenic and i also have little to no emotion yet for the first time in 9 years i cried today i dont know why it might be my meds but it was just weird i didn't know what i was doing

I am a sociopath and I have scitzophrenia

I highly doubt you're charismatic... You can't even spell.

Whatever you do DO NOT follow Apolia's advice. I don't believe I'm a sociopath so maybe I'm in over my head here, but don't you think as a sociopath, a person with tendencies to sacrifice the well being of anyone else to further their own goals, it would be detrimental to knowingly allow another known sociopath into every aspect of your personal life.

I have been in the same situation, if it's anything to learn from, don't try making them understand, as they can't. They have to lie to themselves just so they can villainize you, because dealing with the reality that they truly loved and cared for a person who ultimately cannot must trigger a survival instinct so they do not kill themselves. Sad ****, I'll let you know when I find a solution.

Nothing you have said shows that you are able to get ANYONE to fall inlove with you. You indirectly contradict yourself within the first sentence; well spoken yet you cannot write? Perhaps this is possible but even then nothing you said has intrigued me in any way. Not to mention the fact that you gave no evidence as to how you truly come to overpower and control these women. I must say that judging by what I have seen you are not a sociopath, you are merely some incompetent jerk looking for a fan club. And as for your "you have no idea how it feels to have no emotions" statement, first of all if you have NO emotions you wouldn't FEEL anything so so yes I am sure no one would be able to relate, and what's more is that people who see everyone as a tool to be manipulated (I would know I am one) could not care less, because the ability to care is derived from one's conscience and one's conscience comes from the ability to accurately gauge and empathize with the feelings of those around you; if you have no empathy you have no conscience and if you have no conscience you couldn't care less.<br />
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Try the "I am a bad speller" group

because your not on the reciving end of things!!!!! what a poor excuse!!!!! I use to date a socialpath you guys if you choose to be this way at least clean up the **** storms that you create. My ex keeps his puppy the girl that thinks shes doing him a favor" by trying to save him" i found out what he was and what his angle was.... your not as invincible as you think !!!! as I read all these stories I laugh it was profoundly pathetic, oh wawahhhhhhh!!!! are you serious....not to mention you will end up self destructing that is the greatest part of it, I love it I assist in my ex's self destruction its only a matter of time and a little push off the edge to make him jump... me smiling as he freefalls and remembering my face as he drops woopsie did I do that!!! oh well i have a insurance policy i will just thow him in the ground as plant fertlizer or throw him to a pack of hungry wolves, Im the woman you dont want to meet especially if your a socialpath... my ex hates the very sound of my voice because he knows im here to **** **** up for him.... and take great delight in pulling the wind from his sails...he cant hide from me even if he was in a rice patty in indo china with a straw in his mouth....sounds harsh doesnt it!!!!! No im not a socialpath I am vengefull and vendictive ***** ya you can kinda say that does it make me feel remorseful, somewhat, nah im lying <br />
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you **** with the bull you get the horns, so you may want to keep this story in the back of your mind when you are going out to look for your next victim to suck the life out of them you never know when I will be in the shadows... hunted being the hunter scary huh.

Wow he really did a number on you sweetheart. So much so that you're on EP trying to convince a load of strangersand yourself that you somehow won. You stil are the hunted. Due to our condition empaths like you taking us on is like someone who watches a lot of boxing stepping into the ring with a professional boxer. But keep lying to yourself sweetheat.

I read that last line and cannot help chuckling to myself, darling.

Oh, that silly little head of yours, David.

What the ****? I checked this site to learn about sociopaths not deluded retards. dariancraft, you seem surprised that this guy isn't being supported by his fellow pseudo/sociopaths, you are on the wrong site you relate to this guy because you think you are a sociopath, get yourself diagnosed.

why are so many people here non supportive ???? this dude just said something that i can completely relate to. why don't you guys say something positive or atleast share some personal sh$t rather than say"why should we care?" . by being here we admit that we are different than everyone else. so if you are here for sh$ts and giggles there are plenty of sex ofender sites for you to go troll. <br />
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op i feel you dude. thats why i'm here man. bout to turn 30 and still can't feel much of sh$t but when i do. i feel 100 times fold

Go on sociopathworld dot com?!

Having girl do what you want comes form confidence and not from being a sociopath. When you believe that you are worth your request and can ask for things with expectations you stand a great chance of getting things. If you truly want to get handle on your manipulation focus on getting what you want while being 100% honest about your feelings and your motivation. The girl that stick know what their getting themselves into and will want to stay because of you, not in spite of you.<br />
<br />
Sorry if my advice seems shallow. I don't understand sociopaths but I have befriended and worked with them so I have some experience and thought it couldn't hurt.

Does everyone who writes these stories here have a spelling problem or is this guy the same guy who wrote story number 1?

you sound frustrated. fully understand the disease then complain.

you sound frustrated. fully understand the disease then complain.

Just imagine that being read in Sylar's voice.

I can fully relate to this. It takes time but eventually they can see through our facade; they come to realize just how hollow are emotions are. Had an amusing relationship that lasted 4 years, she didn't know what was "wrong" with me but made it her mission to "fix" me. Needless to say she failed. Though the arguments on your not actually sorry; you’re not actually feeling that way; your smile/happiness is empty; was very entertaining. Especially since she was studying psychology and couldn’t figure it out.

1015 views. wow.

Lmao, I got a friend just like you. Able to manipulate any girl into a relationship; unknowing that she is the 2nd or third girl this week. **** always goes sideways for he his careless and cannot keep it together. He winds alone, feeling sorry for himself, and plays the wounded victim so others will pitty him and show him that he is loved. He really cares not for his actions, just doesn't want to be alone; blaming his abandonment on others. -sobz-<br />
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Stop crying and use the gift you have been given! (if you really do have it)

You can't even control your own ability to spell; I highly doubt you could control something that could see that. Really, from what you have said, it just sounds like you are an idiot. Who comes to a sociopath group and says "you don't understand" all the while posting the EXACT same thing as everyone else in here?<br />
<br />
I'd love to be able to insult you more, but I can't understand what you are trying to say.

man your nothing if you want to see a sociopath look at sammy the bull gravano man if i knew you id shoot you for free no contract on your head

Sounds like you should get your own show like Entourage....<br />
Very Vincent Chase...<br />
<br />
That or start a religion...

just meet up with people like you... sociopaths... as one you will never be happy with a normal person. Normal poeple expect diffrent emotions form the once we have. I am happy in a relation with a socipath. We are the same... with no emotions ... but we help each other to succed our goals and we are best freinds. We are now together for months.

how did you find a person like you? because i have the same problem but it's kinda hard to find a girl who's a sociopath...

Not necessarily true... My first boyfriend was the exact same as me and we eventually ended up resenting each other and becoming distant due to our similarities. I also have friends who are just as twisted but I can never trust them fully because I can spot their underhandedness... Two corrupt people may make a seemingly good team but I think the relationship is bound to collapse on itself eventually. I could be wrong, I obviously don't know everything. Just my observation.

I feel sorry for you. I would hate to have no emotions. I would also hate to be as bad a speller as you (just joking.) But seriously, get some help, the world doesn't need another Ted Bundy. The fact that you can identify your behaviour as it relates to others is a good sign. <br />
<br />
Look around you, watch and learn in what situations people display empathy towards others and try to copy them, pretend even. You are on a slippery slope at the moment, but if you try hard enough, you might just be able to get a foot-hold.

Have you been clinically diagnosed as a sociopath?

Are you trying to elicit sympathy? Why should anybody here feel sorry for you?