Emotional Connection? Arg My Attention Span Is Killing Me

So I have been working on this thing called emotional connection, faking it I mean. But my attention span makes that really hard. I get someone in my sights and then if i can't get them where I want them, when I want them, I lose interest. Anyone have a manual on how to keep the progression of emotional connection going? Please help cause my boredom is raising daily!
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What women seem to be attracted to is a man who listens to them, has a way with words, and makes them feel like the most 'special and unique person in the world', which to me is ridiculous only because it takes much time to get to that 'emotional bond'. It takes a lot of attention, focus, and dedication, especially to get the woman in your bed. Another plus is looks. A suit seems to make woman swoon because of the 'professional well-educated' look it brings to that of the male gender. Even I find it pleasing to see a man in a suit; better than sagging pants and exposed trousers or sagging skinny girl's pants. Ugh. But use these tips and I'm sure the one in your sights will fall for you.

:/ Sorry no help here... But I'll do my best to give some suggestions<br />
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Dude, people are boring as far as I can tell. What tends to get me into their inner circle is to just let them talk. To prompt them into giving away their secrets, to lean in and smile gazing into their dull eyes and watch as they melt as they believe you think they're interesting, intelligent, or some other good quality. Really once you've got this going there's really no where else to get with a person. <br />
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When you've reached a certain point, they'll want to know more about you, maybe fallen in love with you at that time. You can fill it in from there honestly.

I've had the same problem for years!