Its Gettng Harder To Fake.

Hi, i have always thought about death. The death of ither mind You, not mine. I think of toturing and killing most everyone around, even tho they have not done anything to me. I just feel Like hurting people. I want to so badly. I always act how im expected to act when im around others, but its getting harder to fake my way through life. People are starting to notice the way i look at them. I see them as prey. I have always been emotionaly detached from everyone All of my life. I feel nothing when people die or i see someone getting hurt. It just doesnt phase me. I am emotionless unless im thinking about the death of others. Then there is excitment when i think about hurtin people. So i was just wanting to be able to tlk to people like me.
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FINNALY!!!!!!!!!! someone who thinks almost the same as me but when i think of murder and death i only think of people as challenges to me (expendable pawns) i need to prove im better then they are and the best way seems to be with blood

Hmm... interesting. Well welcome to the club. You'll fit right in the I-might-be-a-sociopath support group. *rolls eyes* I make fun of this group more times than not. But I have to say, it's unusual to see a fellow female here. :)<br />
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But with all new comers there's always "Are you REALLY a sociopath?" sort of questions (as if that really made too much of a difference here) or "Does being a sociopath just make you feel more interesting/cool/dangerous?" This is ESPECIALLY true if you're female here. *Yawn...* I just keep the disclaimer close to my heart that I'm not saying I'm a sociopath, but I am someone with sociopath-like traits, which is all most of us can say here in truth! <br />
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So let me save other people some time. And ask are you sure you're a sociopath?!?!?!? *cue the interrogating stare* LOL! Welcome to the club.<br />
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But let me ask why do you want to talk to other "sociopaths" and what makes you think you're a sociopath versus a very death interested empath? The line is so fuzzy these days!

Idk if im a sociopath. I just know that i like things that most say are ****** up. I know i have sociopathic traits but as to wether im a true sociopath i have no idea. I just know, from what iv read, sounds a lot like me.

list your traits...I see you are young...are you sure you aren't just "angry" at this world?

I am pretty sure im not just angry at the world. Yes i do have random bouts of rage tho. I think of killing others most of the time and it feels me with excitment and joy. And what do u mean by traits? Like my personality? Or traits that make me seem like a sociopath?