Why Do We Have So Many Fans?

Now while I can understand the fear and the anger (well not really but I'll pretend for the sake of this post) that empaths have for "sociopaths" what can be said for those poor, misguided empaths who admire you all? Why does the occassional empath not only take interest but also envy the sociopath? Sounds like sheep envying wolves (however... I think this group as a whole is really too welcoming, and therefore empaths get a more rosey colored view than they normally would).

Is it because they are at a safe distance?
Do you ever get the urge to put them in their place?

Me... I'm not sure I care, but thought I'd offer the thought and see what everyone else was thinking. :)
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1 Response May 11, 2012

I think it's the natural balance of life. Two ends of the pole. I am an empathic person. I was involved with a sociopath for years. You tune into our forgiving side and we reach out to help those feel we can help. Oh the cycles of life. I am however now an aware empath. Know what and who to look for. Gotta understand yourself before you can understand others. Oh yea what do you care your a sociopath.

Thanks for the response. Oh on the contrary, I just insist that I have things in common with this group. But you're right I get no emotional response from reading your troubles. :)