Dark Humor

They were unfortunate!!!
We brought an aquarium to the soviet apartment complex basement way back when all the buildings were gray. It was a 4 story building with 5 entrances. Let's just say many people lived there. Water was added along with a nice looking frog freshly aquired from a near by stream. Then the end of the cord was cut and plugged to a 220V recepticle. It took guts. Believe me. Finally the cord submerged; followed by a big bang and smoke coming out of the aquarium. Also it has blown fuses in the whole complex. The frog was ready to be served in seconds. It did not even know what hit her.
Next was a mice which we used to throw from further away in the living room on the window curtains. We did that because the mice as small as they were had very good grip and always stuck to them without any problem. The problem however, was that to the right was a big Tv set and one of my buddies missed the curtains. Right rear leg was smashed and we had to put the little one out of the misery as it no longer had much chances to survive or so we thought.
The cats were not exempt neither. They say the cat is the only animal that can kill the most amout of species of any animals in the world. Well not this one. This one ended up having avoidant personality disorder but I won't get into details because I know many of you love cats and have them as pets. All I can say is that this last story had a happy ending.
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May 24, 2012