Well a couple times now I have tried to make a joke. and a couple times now I failed to "get a joke written here"

this just happened now in fact, someone here asked a question: what is the difference between morally challenged and plain evil.

I wrote my answer as: a sociopath is morally challenged whereas a politician is plain evil. I thought, that it was clever and ironic. Seeing as most people see politicians as sociopaths or failed....the guy took it as a serious answer and gave me a serious reply.... something I thought I understood....I get jokes, when they are "poking fun" at people....I like fat jokes...jokes about ugly people, that's about it. I'm not a comedy okay, I have that against me....

but I didn't realise till this **** I am when it comes to getting and telling a joke....
I think I will not try again, three attempts is enough...

I'll stick to laughing at fat ugly people...and gore...I find gore shots amusing....especially that Mexican chainsaw beheading...where they say what they have done...first guy gets his head chopped with the chainsaw...while the guy next to him holds composure, then he gets his head cut off with a blunt knife....that takes awhile you hear the gurgles and the gasps and the death rattle, then they place his head up on his chest....just for it to roll off....that when I laugh the most! it makes the whole thing seem so, comedic.,,,
May 25, 2012