The Real You..

So guys, how do you know who you are when all of life is your personal stage? You play many roles and many games without ever missing a beat. You remain in character convincing the audience compelling fellow actors. The characters are played to the letter and the mood is set perfectly, and yet when the lights go down and the show is over who are you?

And furthermore how do you know? At what point does the script end and your personality begin? At what point can you pick apart your features mangled in what you've seen, read, heard, or known? Do you even care? Would it be helpful to even ponder or are we all fakes and only the sociopath is truthful of his use of fake identities? I ask because sociopaths seem notorious for not knowing themselves. Their job is to trick others, but do they in turn fool themselves?

At what point is a mask a mask and can a mask ever merge with the face? If so be careful of what you chose to put on.

Thoughts? Comments? Muses? Sociopaths? Empaths? And Sociowannabies alike? What's your take on this?
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1 Response May 26, 2012

at home I am blank in ex<x>pression, and usually bored, so therefore either researching something or watching something to stay entertained. the question who am I? has been with me since I can remember....I have played many roles now....and all I can come up with is, I am tired. Not in this moment, but in general.