Muslim Fakes

So I am in this group therapy right! I am talking to a guy who is explaining to me how his neurological condition causes him to have everlasting DT's or something of that sort. This man while giving me examples of his condtions keeps shaking like he just came off a month of binging. Next thing I know a muslim guy behind us with huge posturation mark and this white dress on as well as the cofu cap or whatever that **** is called starts laughing. Now he does that stuff periodically and inevitably this is very disturbing: not to mention annoying and rude. Inconsiderable pest.
I am always cool, collected and composed while at these sessions but this time i was pissed off and i told him so. It got to the point that chairs almost started flying but because the nurse and therpaist came in between us I did not have chance to act on my impulses. Usually that sort of thing does not phase me at all. I am always emotionally shallow but thinking of my incurable conditions and the position I found myself this year i am more than disturbed. I feel like snapping his Muslim head like a twig and if i could i would rip his head of his torso and let him look at himself for few seconds before he expired.
I hate these people. These fake muslims who turn around and disgrace their own faith. Keep rubbing that forehead of yours on the pavement or your little rug. I would love to kick that fk in the back of his head and embelish, ornament his smile with black gaps between what is left in his oral cavity.
Or when you sit in prison with whole bunch of these fking peaces of sh i t who keep on wailing something that they learned in arabic at 4:00 am waking the general population up. Crucify them.
The only thing in me is anger and I suppose it is time to accept that finally my transformation into who i really am is what it is. Nevertheless I have a difficulty accepting who I have become.
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**** Muslims. Nuke the middle east

Also how is group therapy? I've always dealt with individual sessions.

Honestly, why not just show the "real you". You're in therapy. That's sharks for. I wasn't too fond of starting therapy, so I said outright on the first day: I don't think you or anyone else can help me, if you put me on meds put me on sucide watch immediately I won't live very long afterwards, don't try to empathize with me I don't care about what you feel, and if hallucinations, delusions, or violence scares you I'll get another doctor. ;) honesty makes those sorts of things way more manageable.

Thats sharks for. Should be "That's what that's for." lol!

Who do you think you have become? I'm reading a story about a guy who is angry about someone who was being rude and disruptive in a group therapy session. You say a lot of things here about muslim people in general. But it might just be because you're upset. And even if it's not then you are someone who holds a prejudice against a certain group of people. Most people in this world do in one way or another. Nothing to be too worried about in my very .... odd opinion.

I'm not protesting you. :) I'm not commenting on whether it's right or wrong at all. Im personally just interested in the question I asked: Who do you think you've become? I'm curious as I'm looking for that answer myself.

Trapped? Why? You're so young! No need to be trapped at this stage! Is what you're talking about addiction? I'm not noticing signs of sociopathy (though sometimes addiction and sociopathy look about the same).

The mixture is fine with me. Psychology simply provides ideal cases of illnesses. But life is far more messy. Just like the variables in anatomy. Individual people never look like the stylized diagrams provided. Things are unique and you never really know what you'll get until you

peek inside

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