2 Thee Children Of The Vortex

My brain is a an octopus in constanct death battle with the centipede of my spinal column-a constaqnt banquete of auto cannibalism, where being human is never quite on the agenda. Storms and lightning crackle the spnal length-birth and death are sucking each other-the constant round of existence is like ground glass in the retina-razors at the back of my mind...I stand numb and raw, almost at the gates of the skeletal prison...being human is a nightmare, born in wrong body in the wrong universe...blame a GOD or a less than Merciful ALLAH who dont seem to pay much attention to his creation any more than we do to this sink hole of a planet.
The boiling gasses that pass for oxygen mitigate against fact or fiction, nerves are changing their purpose, the brain becomes a different organ for a different purpose, and the assumption evolution is easy and pretty and painless should ask the homo Neanderthal about that. The distinctions are breaking down, ALL IS ONE is a nice conceit, but with ID in place that is all it will ever be, for some others it is slightly more than that. From the great old ones to the sociopathic nervous system, to GOOD and EVIL, all are simply neurons now firing off in strange cosmic directions. And the empaths who tell you to feel can only appproximate what it means to feel on a cosmic level...like some us do...Heres to happy landing without too many causualties, eh?
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Darkness doesn't change and grow..but light does. You and your kind are constant darkness. Never changes, does it? And light destroys you, so you try to extinguish it. It tastes like smoke, huh? Like blowing out a birthday candle..<br />
<br />
I would ask you, for your own amusement, to simply enjoy the beauty of the light. It's so much more than you can ever be, but perhaps that's the problem?

I try, but it is not there-like wishing on stars that have long burnt out. This is a situation of FACT-and the probability is we will extinguish each other-maybe the universe requires an enema now and then...

You said, " We only push humans", so what is it you are? Do you carry too many Neanderthal genes? Inbred, perhaps? No oxytocin receptors, so you can't 'bond' ? Or are you from elsewhere? Some of us might be.

Oh and remember we are not trapped inside,we r trapped outside with YOU!

Psychopaths feel: greed, lust, frustration, with possible momentary spasms of freakish pseudo-pleasure. Like, rodents? Reptiles? You've got nothing more in your miserable tool box so you delight in pushing us (humans) into emotions you'll never experience Just so you can watch. You have NO IDEA how dull you are. Once we see/feel what you are, the game changes fast. So all your blabbidy cosmic bullshit falls flat. You are interesting, though, the same way hamsters are. You get old fast and stink the place up. You all end up as hackysacks.

...Prepare your balls!

Something I am not aware of would be nice...its only humans we push, but ourselves-(an attempt to jump start) and reality itself....the game never changes, it is a hoax-the game is there is no game. Wish I could see it, just cannot.

I could be your best friend and you would never know it.

you'd never recognize me if you fixate on the characteristics that supposedly dehumanize those with a lack of empathy.

Humans are a disease, and psychopaths/sociopaths are the immune system

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