How Do I Blend In?

I like many of you ,or at least that is what I assume, am a self diagnosed sociopath.
I have done my fare share of researching on Anti social personality disorder, and passed all the self examinations with flying colors(some criteria fit perfectly others partially).
Thou sociopaths (or psychopaths , the borders between the two seem to have blended) share common traits I have come to the conclusion that no two are identical. That in my opinion is caused by the environment in which they reach adulthood.
Now the reason im writing this is not to state obvious facts but to ask for advise.
Here are some follow up facts about what caused my predicament.
When I was a teenager I had bloomed into the perfect description of a psychopath. Since I was just a kid I didn’t have the knowledge or reason to hold back which alienated me from my classmates (or at least made them resent me).After that I went into a self deluding state of extreme narcissism and intentionally isolated myself from humanity .In time I became completely self dependent (but you might also say a shut in who dosent give a **** about ****). Don’t be mistaken I still posses that superficial charm ,which frankly is my only connection with society ,the instinct to be friendly and listen instead of just pushing the pest out of your way. I am quite an eye candy and in top shape so don’t be mistaken about me being resentful or envious of others(I have done my fair share of both blessing and hating what I am).
However recently I am feeling the growing need of others because its beginning to get harder and harder to function as a single digit. Since from here on I would be forced to interact with others (college) I need some advise on how to act ,make and sustain a mask ( I have a problem with this ,at first it is all good and well but in time it starts cracking and in the end it shutters with a bang) looking back I never had friends. I obsessed over people ,wanted to own them but since my isolation I feel no need to go trough the trouble of befriending people or sustaining a relationship .I am guessing that some of you would understand me since… being friends with someone for a sociopath is such hard work, I envy the world because it just seems to come naturally to them.
So this is my question how to build the perfect mask,should I act dumb so I wouldent be seen as a treat or be charming and greeting to the point it makes you want to puke?
Sincerely yours Ponjogun
ponjogun ponjogun
Sep 15, 2012