So What's The Big Deal?

About murder I mean.

Those similar to the idea of the popularized "monster" sociopath in society are drawn to and have urges for killing other people. But here's what I'm wondering: is it because murder is so fun, or is it because you're not allowed to do it? Hmm? You see, I've got this theory that humans in general just want what they can't have. If murder were as mundane as driving a car, would you really crave it that much?

Just a question :P
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I honestly dont care about if its fun or not or if its what we crave because we cant do it if i was going to kill someone for a reason it would be to see if im superior to them

Not being allowed to "not have it", hasn't stopped a lot of people.
And none of them said they killed, because it was not allowed. I call it, the vibration, because that is was it feels like, a physical urge through the entire body. Maybe self preservation is too high among sociopaths, I enjoy the material a lot, woman a lot, driving fast cars, spending cash, drinking drugging, manipulating people chaos. I do what I want to do, and I don't do what I don't want to do. But none of it I can do from behind the bars of a cell. Jail will always be there

I would...but perhaps I'm a rare bird. It's not that I can't have it, it's the joy of the action. However, this may be influenced from my military background, however I do not see that as the case. I was participating in "lifetaking acts" as a child, taking apart animals, looking inside, normal stuff (or so it seemed to me) which is supposed to be considered a gateway to "bigger game" (i.e. people). In the end however, Socs who have an understanding of things around them and while we may not agree with the "rules" we adhere to them out of the sake of self preservation. I can bet you any money, if any one of us were given a knife and told we would not be punished, things would get very interesting. Would be fair to assume that's the "Monster" in us that scares most people.

you speak on behalf of a lot of individual people when you say "we" you did this in another comment also.

I agree however with what you said about self preservation, and how it would be different without consequence.

Am I wrong when I say we? I do no think I am...a world with no laws. Think.

I agree with a world with no consequences, disagree with other things.

To each's own.

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