I Thought I Was A Sociopath

per topic, I thought I was a sociopath (functional) constantly seeking to improve my personal wellbeing. However, recently I have met a girl, I can forget about her when I take time off, however there are some strong cravings I have not felt before (to get her attention). They are really intense and I have been very edgy lately. In fact I am considering going to a psychiatrist, feign depression and get some prozac to numb myself. This is different from the usual adrenaline rush.

I do not want to hurt her and have a strong desire to protect her. I currently imagine and compare my current state to gollum from Lotr going "my precious". I do not feel a need to infringe her thoughts or shadow her personal space.

Thanks in advance.
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well I went to a psychiatrist and complained of peer pressure and family triggers. I got prozac and more. I've been on fluoxetine for awhile now and I can say I don't feel any difference. food for thought, is that what anti depressants do for normal trouble people? Or are anti social individuals the normal ones.

I've come to realize that I am not a sociopath. at least not a complete one. and the female I have been seeing is more then likely a sociopath and I'm losing the game. To the other fellows, males/females, I maybe wrong however I may have understood the situation. As mentioned, its highly probable that my mate is a sociopath. She knows what I want, physically, and is good at it. Following which, she had me hooked and the rest is history.

To the rest out there, take this next sentence, as a request a dare a challenge or however you wish to interprete it. Go out and date another sociopath, it is by far the most intense and thrilling relationship I have ever had. The only one which have ever kept me awake. The rules of the game changes and adapting as I went took me to new heights, physically and mentally.

to the fellows, dulce bellum inexpertis, challenge yourself.

Sociopathy is a lack of empathy and guilt often couple with the will to manipulate people and a lack of social skills and/or the ability to form strong connections with other people. (among other things) Everything after the word "guilt" is a possibility. Not every sociopath feels these things. Sociopaths can love, and want to protect. The one thing we don't do is produce Oxytocin (unless you're a low functioning sociopath, in which case you produce it in small amounts). Oxytocin is reduced through affectionate touching and when you have an ******. The feeling you get when you are away from a lover is Oxytocin withdrawal (or so I'm told. I don't actually get this as I don't produce oxytocin). Oxytocin has also recently be linked to preventing men from cheating. (not necessarily making them feel guilt after having done it, but merely preventing them from wanting to). If you felt guilty for cheating on her, you would probably not be a sociopath. (though you'd never know until you tried, Oxytocin gives the anticipation of guilt to help prevent you from cheating). The second important factor that could help is Oxytocin withdrawal. If you feel her to be akin to a strong addiction (feeling upset when you're not around her and always needing to be around her) then the chances also are that you're not a sociopath. Hope I helped.

Maybe this will help you know who you are.

I am Bipolar but I also worked in the Psychology field for 26 years.

Bipolar is about mood regulation and changes in behavior that are related to the mood going up to Mania or down to depression.

Google the MAYO CLINIC and look at the bipolar symtoms....OR ASK ME QUESTIONS ???......Your comments are not clear and it seems more like a riddle.

I don't think you realise what a sociopath is,wanting to improve one's personal wellbeing is not an indication that you are a sociopath,mostly if it is not hurting,manipulating and deceiving anybody else,sociopaths have no conscience and they will hurt others if it serves them well,they do manipulate others,find out their weaknesses and vulnerabilities and use these to get what they want ,they can play cruel games with people simply because they enjoy hurting others,they are not all murderers but they can destroy lives in many other ways,with lies and deceit,are you identifying with any of this? from what I read in your letter I would think not.You could be a bit confused about your emotions,and a bit frightened at what you feel.Please talk to someone ,you need to put things in perspective,at the moment you are going through doubts about yourself ,you need some guidance,talk to your doctor he will put you in touch with an appropriate counselor,you could also go to your community center and find some support there,you need to sort yourself out.Take care.

The only things that are definite with sociopathy are a lack of empathy and guilt. Everything else is just what *usually* happens. I.e the desire to manipulate and tendencies to become extremely bored.