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I am a sociopath. I manipulate people for fun, and I don't empathise with others or feel guilt. Most people think with an emotional brain and a logical brain. I can mostly only think with the latter. Meaning that if I were to break the law, my concerns would not lie with the emotional trauma and guilt of breaking the law, but in anxiety of getting caught for my crime.

The is a rather negative stigmatism around sociopaths. Just because we do not get the urge to do good things, doesn't mean that we don't do them. I personally enjoy manipulating people (as do a lot of sociopaths) but I try to use this ability to help others. Not out of any necessity to help or do good, but to satisfy my needs to manipulate people whilst appearing altruistic. I have previously helped girls leave their physically or emotionally abusive boyfriends. And I've manipulated depressive friends into continuing to seek psychiatric help.

The only downside I personally feel is emotional ignorance. A few relationships have ended on account of my not understanding my partner's feelings and desires. And YES! We can love we can be in a relationship and want to be around our partner. Our bodies don't produce oxytocin (hormone that stops men from cheating. Not sure what it does in women. Oxytocin withdrawal is what you feel when you're not around someone you really want to be around, so I'm told. Oxytocin is release through affectionate touching and during an ******. 5X as much as the normal rate during an ******.) therefore we are more prone to cheating and suddenly losing interest.

I hope this helps anyone...
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Just so you know Oxytocin is what makes women feel attached to a person. Also I don;t really stigmatize sociopaths. I actually tend to like sociopaths a lot. I realize this isn't typical. I've taken tests that measure empathy, and I always score at the higher end of the scale; as much more empathetic than average. That makes most people assume I wouldn't get along with sociopaths, but they seem to like me too. I think it's cause we tend to balance each other out. I'll be freaking out about some uncontrollable sad problem and the sociopath will remind me that I'm not helping anything with my excess emotions; on the flip side I'll remind the sociopath of what they're supposed to do in these emotional situations.

In a series of tests Dr. Paul Zak administered oxytocin to a variety of people, after testing all of the subjects it was found that the oxytocin caused the subjects to be more generous to others, however roughly 2% of the individuals who received the chemical did not become effected what so ever. These 2% were later discovered to be sociopath. Our bodies could even be producing it during sexual intercourse and we wouldn't feel the effects. On the topic of love though, I don't think a sociopaths "love"(exclusive ownership of a normal human) is anything remotely similar to what a normal empath's love(attachment, longing for partners presence, "withdraws" from the partner, endorphins released from interactions with partner).

u've also faked cancer, havn' u

No, why so you say that?

did the girls u helped left one abusive relationship only to find that they entered another?

I said "I have previously helped girls leave their physically or emotionally abusive boyfriends." I said nothing about them ever being with me. I have very little interest in relationships.

i wonder this, does sociql path feels the pain when being diagnosed with cancer? if so, i really want to become one. tell me how

I don't know, I've never been diagnosed with cancer. Surely you mean "if NOT I really want to become one", right? If so - I don't think there is a way to 'become' one. Short of experiencing a violent trauma when you're a young child though MOST people simply repress the memory.