High School Is The Worse Part Of My Life...

At my school there are a lot of rude people I wish to punch in the face. I hate society. Teen girls getting pregnant is beginning to look like a trend in my eyes. There are douchebags being absolutely disrespectful in class during lessons I try so hard to pay attention to. Sometimes I dream of bombing the school. I don't need any of that garbage. I used to want to be a part of anything until I observed so much a long with my only mature and brainy friend. Girls gossiping, boys talking other girls and rating them- disgusts me. I'm only in high school but I can't wait to get out of there. I used to always want to fit in and be a part of a group of friends because I hate feeling lonely with nothing to do. But now, they're all idiots. I'd like to have friends that are smart, interesting, non-judgmental, liberal and always has something new and cool to talk about.
But it is impossible to find someone or someones like that which is depressing.
I'm afraid to interact at all because I fear of humiliation and I'm usually awkward when I try.
ImpulsivelyAwkward ImpulsivelyAwkward
18-21, F
1 Response Nov 29, 2012

I can tell you this, I do not think you are a sociopath, you want to belong with people and fit in to a group with your morals and understandings, that is not a negative thing for your kind, its actually a sort of necessity for you, however if you can find a sociopath in your school, which is possible, confront them, let them know you are not going to share with anyone your knowledge of them. After they process your emotions and actions they should determine your safe enough to interact with openly, when this happens, you can barter with them, a sociopath can teach you how to blend in with a crowed you want to become a part of, and after time your mind should adjust and become comfortable with he group. Just keep a close eye on the sociopath and make sure they have a motivation at all times to help you, until you are COMPLETELY acclimated in your new social niche. Oh and by the way, every individual has something to offer to us, you just have to think logically and offer what you think will interest said sociopath. Now, if you would, never confuse us with mentally psychotic normal people like serial killers, and animal tortures, and try to correct those who do. That is my benefit in this case, see how easy it is to receive aid from us if you understand us.