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We as individual sociopaths only have our own experiences and observations to base our decisions on. For those of us who wish to advance our skill in control and manipulation, I am creating a private community to achieve this new goal of mine. Anonymity is crucial in this venture, I ask that you be as anonymous as possible upon contacting me. For those who are interested and see benefit of said community should message me and answer a few questions about yourself(use fake information if need be). We are all equals in this community once you have become a full member. We can share experiences and techniques that we have used successfully, in doing this we will all benefit from the vast amount of knowledge at our disposal. Simply contact me, we will go from there.
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I'm not saying sociopaths are all bad but I can't help but think that a lot who join groups like this aren't genuine.

this whole WILL -THE-REAL-SOCIO-PATH-please-stand-up **** is bizzare. Do folks crave deafness? We may be 'powerful' and some folks get off on the vampire angle but really it is a bit of a drag-like living in a world of meat when ones soul is solid as diamond. If you have no autonomic response then chances are you are on pyschopath sociopath scale-OK? Basic enough for ya?

People might mistake being a sociopath with other traits or disorders. It's a perfectly valid point.

I see the logic in your venture-as there seems very little the neurotypical can offer-it seems that only those who know the lay of the land will afford me some assistance in navigating the strange terrain of this nervous system. Sick of hiding, but find the natives cannot tolerate my nature.

What is the point? No one is my equal, I am me.
Why would someone like myself who has been manipulating and honing something for years unbeknownst even to myself up until recently need help? It comes naturally and it is not something that be thought, sharing anything of any sort is not something I would do.
If you want so seem like a bad guy, then do something bad, but do not pretend to be a sociopath as it only means you have the capacity. Myself and my cousin are exactly alike, she knows what I am like and I know what she is like, we have an understanding but we are completely hidden to the point where we blend in.
If you need to pretend to get a thrill then you are more screwed up than anyone could ever say I am, do not need human contact.

We are not here to convince that this is something worth your time. Neither is this a suggestion that you need to improve in any way. We feel that there might be something to gain from our collective knowledge and experience if put in the right setting. What this could turn into is yet unkown but I feel that theres only something to be gained here.

I also do not understand the reason behind your post...You give out detailed and personal information about your life to explain why you dont need something like this or people? Then why bother posting.

The fact is and remains that you are not a special snowflake..there are many of us and I beileve that we can all gain from this.

What I gave out is not detailed personal information, given my psyche not a word of what I said could be true.
I am representing something here, do you not believe you are a special snow flake? I keep everything hidden, my ego and intelligence (largely), here I keep my anonymity and am free and display otherwise hidden traits. But then again, everything I have said could be a lie and I could just be messing with you.
There are not many of us, we are 1% of the population, which is minute in terms of the world. As far as the traits go, we are usually quite predators and community you seek to build is utterly meaningless as we do not share experiences. A tiger needs no companionship, predators of our type do not either, it is something you are born with.

Then move along there tiger. You stand for nothing and you still do not get the premise of this. It has noting to do with needing each other. I would Explain yet again but I feel like my words are wasted on you. I am done dealing with you trolls.

You are starting a community because you want to understand something. To me, that is what it sounds like. By that logic you are not naturally impulsive, it sounds like you are trying to be part of a group. That directly contradicts what you say you are.
As time goes by I find that I am getting better and I am pretty sure others are the same, but it is not something to be proud of, blatantly flaunting it by creating a knitting circle.

I am always trying to expand my knowledge base. About myself and the world around me. If there was another way for me to get this imformation I would have already have found it. There is no place like what this is proposing. I am doing this to possibly learn and out of simple curiousity. It has nothing to do with wanting to be apart of a group. It just so happens that that coincides with my end goals.

And as a side note I am getting really tired of one of you people having the mentality of " OH well if i feel this then all sociopaths do and if your dont do or feel this then youre not one". There is varying degrees and a wide spectrum of people that are SP's.

Well I certainally am not diagnosed, it is a well calculated guess, I am not an attention seeker because really do not enjoy it. My basis is that I do not understand any emotion, feel guilt or the need for human contact for anything other than sex amongst other things.
I doubt you are diagnosed with anything ether, what you have is mild, it may not be what you think it is. The problem with people that self diagnose want a certain answer and are happy to settle on it, I am open to being wrong but I doubt it.

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advance ourselves....or just yours? would these just be emails sent back n forward here? where all ip's are recorded and any jack *** could be a net cop hoping to score a confession....

Not sure if you are trolling but guess I will reply anyway. It cleary states that anonymity is a must. Cops dont just look the internet over and put a case together on a single entry of someones habits. We will be doing nothing illegal and are not asking members to post anything illegal. This is simply a site to compile knowledge of like minded people in a inteligent and effective atmosphere.

Just looked at your other posts and wish I hadnt wasted time with previous post. You are useless and the primary reason I am wanting to be a part of this.

well if it makes you feel better, enjoy your lil group ladies....it'll be just another needle in the haystack of sites out there, where people already "compile their knowledge" and share their views. And no **** cops don't run with a single entry, but being one who does not trust, or course I would put that out there....