Help, I Don't Care.

I honestly jaliustzed last night that this was happening to me. I can't help bt feel like I forced myself into this. I had me heart broken massively and to get over my depression I had to start not caring about it which now, years later has me not caring about anything. Every little thing make me angry amd I jist want to slap that person.

When I started not caring I stopped crying too, and I'm so ashamed when I do cry it's rediculous. I feel like I'm floating on nothingness in space and its a scary feeling that I really don't like.

We live on a sort of farm, amd we raise meat to eat. Like pigs. And it was butchering day just earlier this week and we killed two pigs. What disturbed me wasn't the dead and dying pigs and the blood and things. What disturbed me was that I didn't care about it. I respected the pigs for giving up their lives for me to be fed, but I don't feel guilty about it. I don't care.

Also, I found recently I'm being very rude to pretty much everyone for no reason. I just snap at people when they ask me questions.

I just feel very helpless and I don't like this feeling.
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1 Response Dec 13, 2012

these exp. are so negative and boring. seems like from a same depressed person