Proud (male) Sociopath Destined For Sociopathic Partner

It wasn't hard to figure out I was a sociopath once I took a psych class early in college. In fact, I met 95% of the criteria listed right in the text book. Unlike many other people who find out this fact about themselves, I felt no shame whatsoever for it. Why should I? As people, in general, we have to use and make the most of what we have to succeed. For many beautiful women, that's using their looks. For true brainiacs, it's logically using their brains. For many people born into wealth, it's using their money. I was luckily given the ability to 'play roles' and manipulate, so I see that as a strength, not a weakness. And if you share such qualities with me, you should too.

The thing I find the most amusing is when almost all people are asked what their ideal significant other would be, and they routinely list 'good,' wholesome, 'moral' if each person speaking was 'good,' wholesome, and 'moral' themselves. Clearly, many people are sociopaths, so it is only logical that plenty of the people claiming that they want some type of 'good person' as a significant other are sociopaths. But such a mix is undeniably toxic. It would involve one person hiding who they really were to 'woo' and reel in the other person. And, of course, true colors always eventually show in one way or another--and sooner or later, depending on the social intelligence of the 'non-faker'--meaning that the tenure of such relationships are basically doomed from the beginning.

It is for that and many other reasons that I think it is best for a sociopath; one who is admittedly a terrible person who enjoys nothing more than to use, manipulate, con, and hurt others for personal gain, to search out a partner who is exactly the same in those regards. Indeed, such a pairing could foster a relationship devoid of judgements and moral evaluations, the types of which often lead to power differentials and hardships for the partner that is observably less moral and less caring. Instead, evil sociopaths with no souls and a lust for making others their pawns should unite as couples. After all, aren't the best relationships those in which both partners are essentially identical to each other, sharing the same interests as well as philosophies about and approaches to life and people?

based on all of that, then, I believe strongly that I would work best with a woman that is just as soulless, just as evil, just as cruel, just as manipulative, just as terrible as I am. Rather than play games with, as well as turn our frustrations on, each other like the routine 'toxic' ('normal') couple does, we could play games with other people as a team, jointly taking our frustrations out on them. Indeed, we could treat the world around us, as well as the people within it, as our pawns and metaphorically 'get off' each and every day by hurting all those pawns who mean absolutely nothing to us.

99% of the people who read this are going to quickly judge the post as 'bad,' 'wrong,' and 'terrible.' But these are the same people who have shame about themselves, about how people view them, about 'accidently' not doing what society says they are 'supposed' to do, and perhaps, about how they are failing their religions' notions of what is 'right' and what is 'wrong.' These are specifically not the people I am talking to through this post. Rather, I am speaking to those sociopaths who have no shame, and simply couldn't shake how hot hurting other people makes them even if they wanted to. If you are like me and my post has spoken to you--and perhaps you too even found yourself fantasizing about being like Bonnie & Clyde or Blair & Chuck--I'd like to hear back from you. What do you have to say to those 'good people' who found my rational ramblings too 'immoral' to be 'acceptable?'
ChucknBlair4ever ChucknBlair4ever
26-30, M
Jan 7, 2013