Adam Lanza-the Boy Who Could Not Shudder.

ADAM LANZA-The boy who could not shudder.

'WHY OH WHY OH WHY?' written on the surface of water in newsprint and tears.

Less than 10 photos of ADAM LANZA on the net, almost as if the image fixing would have been unbearable to him-the confines of the framed image like razor blades at the back of his head, ground glass to the retina.

Adam Lanza never felt pain, or pleasure-the landscape of the personality disturbed was his only setting-others existed in a flat screen world, where any closeness or attempt to broach the distance and empathise with the feelings of others would cause trauma, a nervous system unequipped to empathize would go into an overdrive and be flooded, resulting in an abrupt cut off and disconnec, an autonmic tripwire.

He could have been feeling pleasure but it would register as discomfort. Having no reference for what his nerves where transmitting would antagonise his extroverted nervous system.

The psychopath is a mutation-destined to be utterly dominating, they have a disturbing grasp on reality which differentiates from the psychotic or insane. Adam Lanza was sane. There would be a flat logic.

Those who claim that such individuals can change and are simply recalcitrant are ignoring the basics of neurology-to get a mutant of this type to feel empathy is a futile task. To break or grind down such an individual will only result in frustration. And the inevitable grinding down of those who embark on such a futile road.

Such individuals are born to dominate and predate-will to the point of compulsion, and as they are thrown onto scrap heaps or viewed as intransigent they become twisted in their isolation, never having been given a suitable outlet for their actual nature’s.Finding roles for such individuals will be humanity's great task in this new millenium.

Humanity if it is to survive,(assuming it deserves to , which may amount to the same thing), will have to recognise and treat such kids as what they are, uniquely equipped individuals whose freedom from social constraints is their gift. To get such individuals to FIT IN or ADAPT to what they are biologically immune to is to leave the way open for such atrocities.

Maybe the adaption is developing and moving apace, as the world becomes more psychopathic and humanity moves into a time of sheer abstraction more and more characters like ADAM will appear.

The nuero-atypical (sociopaths, psychopaths and the personality disordered) are one per cent according to some clinical estimates, while the majority do not engage in crime, there is a tendency to hit out. As the areas of emotion are absent negative reinforcement DOES NOT WORK, and exhortations seem odd and fake.

Treatment seems a moot point as a result, psychology is as much use as prayer. In the past such individuals where left out to die in scrub land, seen as changlings, demons possesed them, they where inverts, immune to the delusions others grasp onto to customise themselves.

Speaking personally the isolation is a nightmare, the hope of finding another, like Harris and Klebold diod would be a paradise for the neuro atypical. Even if the romatantic ideation leads to such a deathlike embrace-a tranced death grasp.

Adam in his room, Fall creaking at his window frame, face haunted by the light from the screen burning lines in his retina-he is fused, part of a landscape of motels, wash stands and heavy metal sentiments, like LOKI he dont threaten. Walking thru a land of dead mans traces, followinbg footsteps that have not yet been tread.

Civilisation will have to face the nuero-atypical head on and make a non agression pact-otherwise the outcome is dark indeed. Maybe if Adam Lanza had been playing video games for the US military, games which end with real bloodshed far away he might have had an outlet for his nature.

(Treatment seems a moot something I crave, I can interface directly. Feel the neuro atypical who couldnnt see the raw, failed as much as cuts to the delusion until such individuals cling and are channelled potential. Isolation is a pig heading for Polaris.Yadda yadda yadda.)

ChrisHermes ChrisHermes
41-45, M
Jan 10, 2013