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I was with my ex boyfriend for 7 months and at the beginning he was perfect very charming and seemed to care about me. I moved in and things were ok but he would constantly lie to me about everything. I found out I was pregnant and he didn't care. He didnt want her. We had a major fight afterwards in which he grabbed my wrist really hard and left a bruise. I recently found out now that he got another gf whilst seeing me at the same time. Every time I'd try and leave he'd always pretend to care about his baby then..making me feel bad about leaving. I don't know if any of you have heard that eminem song love the way you lie well that pretty much sums up our relationship. Loving him made me sink into depression. He wrecked me emotionally and physically. I'm sorry if its not in the right bit. I just need to know do you think my ex bf was a sociopath ? (Full time mummy to a beautiful baby girl)
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You are asking a bunch of random strangers with no qualifications, to assess someone whom we know nothing about except this little tiny tidbit. I hope you don't take anything we say too seriously. If you do, you have other problems. But more to the point. When I am in a situation that I don't like: it is boring, or unpleasant or not what I want, I walk away. It is pretty simple.

He is a complete sociopath, and you should do everything you can to not raise your little girl in such an enviorment.
He cheated, lied, abused, and mentally disturbed you.

Please do not stay with this man, for both your girl's and your own saftey.
She and you deserve a wonderful life and I hope you both have one.