A Semi Good Sociopath

I am a sociopath among many things but I am a better person than most other sociopaths.
I enjoy helping others I see as worthy, and I enjoy punishing those I see as evil.
Yes I lie and manipulate and cannot empathize but I rarely use it for evil, I do manipulate people for personal gain sometimes but nothing to major.

I also love, I love innocence, Justice, and chaos, and I will fight and die to protect them. Most other sociopaths strike me as evil monsters, only out to stab everyone in the back and then stab themselves (metaphorically). I try t use my dark gift of social insight and manipulation to help those i see as worthy.

But I am not saint, I do much good but I still have a dark side that needs to be tended to and as such I enjoy sowing seeds of discord anywhere and everywhere, I love creating confusion and chaos.

above all else I love animals more than any human, they are innocent, free of the guilt and evil that humans are plagued by.

In closing, if you are a good honest innocent person, I am a good ally, if you are a liar, a bully, someone who harms the innocent, i will cause you pain beyond imagining. if you are a neutral third party then you had better make where you stand known because the neutrals receive the brunt of my chaotic meddlings.
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I don't think this makes you a sociopath. Sociopaths typically have no affection or love for animals. They have no affinity for what you deem good. They are too self-centered to give it any thought. It wouldn't even occur to them to make the call, and it's not clear that they could.

Which in your mind is worse- torturing a cat for fun or embezzling from a large company?

torturing a cat

then what am i?

Your less likely to be a sociopath; in most cases, sociopaths view both equally bad. You seem to have sympathy for animals and what you perceive to be good. I don't think sociopaths do.

How do you feel about your state of being? Are you content with it or would you change if you could?

I would change it if I could, I would rule the world if it was in my power. I hate not having enough power, I need power to change this shithole.

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