Manipulative Ventures

It's essentially a sociopathic forum/blog. I'm surprised I see more whining about being a sociopath that gloating and boasting about the successful manipulations that come from what we are.
That being said I want to share (gloat) my stories.

I normally flirt with anyone over a 7, unless it's important for something else in my life. One time I inadvertently made a girl start liking me. Hilariously enough I was already flirting with her other friend who liked me back. These girls were friends with another girl. She was my real target. It took me months of manipulating and scheming to make this work.

See the Third and final girl of this was smarter than the other two (whom were both decently intelligent), not only that but since she was friends with the other two girls she literally told me "Hey B., I can't ever like you, it would hurt my friends too much" I obviously saw this as a challenge. Unfortunately, after a while my reputation with girls began to precede me and she was aware that I manipulated girl in the past. Fortunately for me: 1. She thought she could beat me at my own game. 2. She doesn't like nice guys, so it actually helped.

She was so sure I was trying to **** with her that she couldn't see passed it. I decided as a manipulative tactic I would let her catch me manipulating her. I started a rumor of my manipulation through one of her friends, when it got back to her we had a falling out.

I waited and used the other 2 aforementioned friends to get to her. After rigorously apologizing I got back into her good graces and within a month achieved victory.

All in all it took be 3 months to complete this task. But 3 best friends all liking me. It was wonderful and 100% worth it. I was ecstatic. Also, 2 of the friends are still friends but the third talks to neither anymore.

I am fully aware that you all couldn't care less about my "conquests" but I am interested to hear from others. Partially curiosity to see if I could use your experiences as challenges.

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1 Response Feb 6, 2013

this **** sickens me, and makes me hate myself because I used to not harness my sociopathy correctly, i'm I the only non evil sociopath on the planet?

Being bad is so much more fun though, even though I use generosity and being polite as part of my ploy, people are stupid they trust you more if you come off as caring then when your in their head that's when you start ******* **** up.