I came to this site to see we're more people like me,I like to control other people and bend people around and I like to be fearful, money doesn't mean as much respect and my reputation is important to me I like to hurt people I would ask people to fight and most know me and are scaried of me i ask about 30-40 people by the time someone will fight me I like to keep to my self must of the time my age is fake I like to keep my information private unless I know you I would like to know some of you because I hate most people. I don't seek attention !!!!!
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Lets ance

you are scum haha

Okay, do you come off as charming? And do you ever feel guilt for causing people pain or hurt?

I don't really use charm as much to manipulate people I don't feel guilty at all

It kinda sounds like you are, but I'm not quite sure.


I would have to ask more questions. But as far as I can tell you really seem like it. I have a personality disorder too. But it's kinda the opposite of what sociopaths are.


How do you manipulate? and when you do manipulate people, why? to what ends?

I have to say. Judging from your brief post that I do not think your are a sociopath. That being said something is probably "wrong" with you. I dislike having to use the words "wrong" or "disorder" as I truly do not see anything wrong with sociopaths. We are better than the normal people, we are not clouded by emotions of guilt and sympathy. It's why we excel. ah but I digress.

You are probably NOT normal, but you are probably NOT a sociopath. And you have just inspired me to write another post.

Manipulate doesn't make you a sociopath because if that's what your saying but ill answer it anyway, I like to study people I see a flaw that will break the persons will and think of a lie and use flaw to break the persons will.

I'll manipulate people until I get what I want and if others are affected I really don't care.
Some times I just do it for game.
I just blend in with the crowd so they don't know my intentions .

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That's odd. Do you manipulate people to get what you want?