Right Or Wrong?

In my lifetime of being a sociopath I have opened up to 3 people about it. 1. My longtime confidant and "best friend" 2. Another sociopath. 3. My girlfriend.
Each time omitting the second one, It was met with disdain or disgust. They accepted me, but accepted me as if I had a disease or infection that was contagious. It angered and frustrated me so I thought about it and I had a moment of clarity.

Sociopaths in almost every kind of media are portrayed as a serial killer or a ruthless business man. As the average sociopath who hides in plain sight, enjoys a little bit of manipulation but ends up dying the same undignified death as everyone else offers little to the TV watchers of today.

It made me think, Everyone sees sociopaths as brilliant schemers or masterminds, and their lack of empathy but total insight into the social world allows them to propel forward in whatever line of work they are in. As in the business world people need to be callous and ruthless and sociopaths are born with the skills ready for success.

I believe this to be true. SO! if we sociopaths can climb any workplace ladder faster than the average person. If on average we are smarter than the layman. Why... why is it seen as a disorder or an illness. Our personalitly traits are labelled as "symptoms" on every website or book there is a listing of "possible treatments/cures" WE ARE BETTER THAN THEM. Are they jealous? do they want to medicate us to make us worse? to bring us down to their level? I don't understand why it's seen as something negative we are "Above" human. The so-called "normal" people are sub-humans. They are sheep and we are the wolves.

Anyone who has come to this website worried about what they are or upset because of the things they do.... Embrace it. We are above, we are superior.
I know you feel the same way. It is unfair to assume that there is something wrong with us. We are outnumbered, but they are outmatched.

Well, that's my rant for today. As this is a forum for sociopaths. I'm assuming some condescension in the comments, but as it is a forum for sociopaths don't expect me to care.
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to be or not to be a sociopath... Like long hair or short hair, not really at all, but I'm bored....

Holding a steady job or accelerating in a work place is the last thing that would make someone superior.lol..... good for socios they can get a good job, 2 bad they are all missing the basic necessities to hold any type of connection to another human being besides entertainment instead of boredom. Funny because true sociopaths do not look at the real self behind the mirror yet all these people who openly analyze themselves to be one. I call Bullshit. Being an a hole or not caring about people or even being a liar or con artist does not qualify anyone yet everyones ex is as most who need attension to take time out of an empty life to be on here.

In my own experience, we don't total insight into the social world, the social world is full of emotional people, making decisions based on nothing but "feeling" We don't have nearly as much of that and in some respects ( I.E remorse) non. We can manipulate however and do it without that guilt that the normal folk would feel. Lie, manipulate, cheat, steal ect ect if you don't feel bad about it, there isn't much to stop you

That's true, but you make out that acting based on feeling is always a bad thing. There have been studies that show people who use their gut do a lot better in games of chance. Also, being able to empathise with another person is useful when you need to be conciliatory. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on this.

I am a sociopath and have read and found for myself that we can't maintain relationships or jobs for longer than a few years due to our characteristics and lack of interest. So I don't know if I would agree totally but I do agree we are very aggressive and assertive sales ppl.

Some people are more impulsive than others. Some sociopathic traits are constructive and some are destructive. People with only the destructive qualities ends up in prison or dead. There's a reason 30% of all inmates are sociopathic.

That's an interesting fact

Can you give examples in your own life where you have achieved this "climbing" of ladder in your work place?

Smart but unlikeable people are shunned from advancement in any workplace and society in general.

Sure, you will pretend to be likeable,

You say that sociopath have total insight into the social world.
This goes against the definition of sociopathy. Being a sociopath means you lack insight as well as empathy. That is why society paints you folks as criminals and regards with contempt and disgust. Sociopaths meet

I agree you are a sociopath because your story demonstrates your lack both quality quite well.

Think of it using your own analogy, why would wolves even want to succeed, liked, recognized, or respected in a sheeps' world.

They just want to EAT sheeps.

Sure they are feared and HATED.
Not a recipe for success by any definition.

Think of all the sociopaths( wolves) locked up in jail by sheeps.

If you pretend to be responsible empathetic person ALL your life in order to achieve success and fool everyone..... then are you still a true sociopath?

Just too many holes in your theory...

Sociopath on a continuous successful success career or social path... Really. Are you this?

You are already disliked by your closest friends. I don't see how someone like that do well in business world.

That must have been quite the experience. What became of your family member?

I think pretending can last only for so long...even if they are highly intelligent. Other intelligent people eventually recognize them as highly intelligent but selfish fake unreliable etc. This is not superior.. Lol

Wow. What a lonely life. Well, I wouldn't wish a lonely death on anyone. (only because I have seen actual passing of a person couple times) but I do believe in consequences for own actions. It's only fair.

most i agree with. but somethings you said are just too much. i think if you took maybe 2 steps back you could be better then the rest of the world.

You are totaly correct. I am a sociopath myself, ive opened up 2 my friend who has scitzophrenia and I also have scitzophrenia and I opened up also to my other freind to. Society is afraid of what they cant figure out or control and it ****** me of im 14 and im open to my classmates. They all look at me as sick or mentaly ill its far from that

You must be stupid? \"UUUH YEA GUYS IM A SOCIOPAHT I DON\"T GOT NUN OF DAT EMPATHY **** BE SCARED OF MY IM CRAZY\" Just shut the **** up a minute and think about how you sound.

Maybe a little bit of a narcissist too ;)

Very astute. I am pleased when I see members of our "kind" embracing the reality of our higher state of evolution. Build your empire by mastering the world around you. Others are simply tools to be exploited, so determine if they are useful, and if not, they must be discarded. You are young, but you already see very clearly the power you have to define your reality. Glory in your strength, drawing affirmation from the weakness of the "others."

Why would you assume "some condescension" in comments? Why would you think we would care if you didn't care?

Are you sure you're a sociopath? It sounds more like you have fabricated it...

Because, like you, I am sure that not everyone on this site is a sociopath. and you don't have to care to be condescending. sooo yeah.

I have never been more certain of anything in my life.

Have you been diagnosed with ASPD?

I have no trouble admitting that no I haven't.

I could "probably" go and get diagnosed but I don't see the point. I am not afraid of the diagnoses whether it is positive or negative, I just don't see the need to have someone else know about me. Also I have been in therapy and talked to psychiatrists and I'm sure that even if I wasn't a sociopath I could convince them that I was.
So no, I have not. and a diagnoses doesn't hold much weight in my eyes.

So you fool yourself that you're something you're actually not. Makes pretty sense...

I am not fooling myself into believing anything. I didn't learn about sociopaths and then change myself. I have been this way since I can remember. It was actually a close friend and confident who came to me "concerned" I was a sociopath and I thought. Why not? It seems to fit.

If I went to a therapist I can PROMISE you I would get diagnosed because I know who I am.
I am confident in that I am above the average human. Maybe I am not a sociopath, If not Im something better. Just interesting to talk to people with the same insights as me.
ugh. and fooling yourself that youre something youre not is what sociopaths do EVERY day... sooooooooooooo yeah.
you should stop. :p

"Makes pretty sense"
English not your first language?

You seem proud of yourself.
No, my first language is Portuguese.

I'm (probably) a sociopath.
according to basically EVERY account and testimony, basic narcissism is an inherent trait of sociopaths.

I am proud of yourself.

well then your English is actually quite good. - sometimes its hard to tell over text, but that wasn't sarcasm

Those who have been proud of myself are dead... do you want to reconsider?
I'm sure you don't; not being sarcastic.

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You amuse me.

true true!!!

Fascinating...all of it. It must be very comforting.

this is full of assumptions and ego stoking, we are not "better" nor are we "worse" we are just different, nor do I think we are "predators" sure we may have ways of manipulating and cheating our way into power but that is not the only way power can be amassed, you could just as easily get the power from being a loving individual who acquires a large group of loyal friends, you know I'm not even sure where I'm going with this we are who we are yadda yadda everyone s different etc. etc. leftover needed personality traits from caveman days blah blah blah.

"We are outnumbered, but they are outmatched. " I will use this quote. I like it. I agree with you completely, there is a strong voice out there by so called psychologists that scream about how we are all pure evil. We are not. We are just different. Most people don't understand anything about us. In most cases we are smarter and better and we are not burdened with feelings of insecurity or guilt. There is no cure, and if there was, I will never ever take it.

Your right we have keener sences we are there surperiors we are emotionaly and mentaly stronger im proud of who I am and dont need a person to tell me im sick

I can read the pride in your voice and your feelings of superiority are very real and important to your self-worth. But here's where I disagree with you.. I have a son like you. I would have been absolutely fine if he had just stayed by himself as he often has, and behaved "like a wolf" on his own accord. However, here is where the medication issue comes into play- he's not stable emotionally and has hurt both himself and his family members. He married a beautiful girl and they had a beautiful baby. He regularly berates, verbally and physically abuses them , and has blown through every job opportunity he has been offered by acting in that superior way until they fire him in disgust. If he's so much smarter and such a brilliant schemer as you suggest sociopaths are, why has he made such a mess of his personal & professional life? He is mean, especially to those who try to help him. His grandmother has end-stage leukemia, but offered to take him & his family into her home when he had no where else to turn. He regularly berates/abuses/ignores her, and she has finally decided for her own safety and sanity to ask him to leave. I, as his mom, have offered him countless opportunites for his own home, a job opportunity that would have solved all of his financial problems, and also paid for 2 sememsters of college for him . He flunked out of the classes I paid for on purpose. He will throw things, hit people if he feels like it, and generally behave badly towards people who look up to him like his daugher and little brother. He still at the same time feels superior and above us all. I don't want to stifle his potential but I need him to be able to live up to it. If medication will help him to even out so he can hold a job, pursue a career, find and keep a place to live, and most of all be happy with himself, then I'm all for it. I'm not "jealous" of my son, not at all. I am sad for him that he has dragged so many people into his chaos, and that he can't see how much he is loved, especially by his child. And yes, he has been properly diagnosed as bipolar/sociopath by a professional. And no, I cannot "embrace" as you suggest, a man that abuses his wife and baby daughter.

Your son is not a sociopath. Your son sounds like a little brat with a narcissistic personality disorder who was spoiled like the little brat he is by his family.
Sociopaths are NOT known for a ridiculous temper nor to abuse their partners, at least not physically.
Your son shows 1 or 2 of the traits for a sociopath. He is just an idiot.

Bipolar is a mood disorder which requires medication for stability, sociopathy is a lack of extreme emotions, low fear response and no empathy. Aside from anger and boredom, sociopath is pretty stable. I have never heard it being a combination of both. It is possible, human brain is a wonder. But it does not serve as a good example of an average sociopath.