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Hello boys and girls. Today I am going to address the question that seems to baffle people who come across a sociopath’s blog. Why would you admit you are a sociopath and or write about it? I don’t claim to have all the answers, and by the time we are done here you will probably have more question than you started with.

Let’s start with a little imagination. If you are an empathy enabled person you are probably having hard time wrapping your mind around a person who is not. Here is a scenario to put yourself in their shoes.

Try to spend one day being who you are not. Maybe take a drive on the other side of town where people don’t know who you are. Here you can start acting as a complete opposite of who you are. Do everything opposite of what you will normally do. This will take some effort on your part as most things you do have become instinctual patterns. But that is the point. If you normally the kind of driver who lets people into their lane, cut them off instead and vice versa. Go shopping, if you walk into the store without making eye contact this time do it with a full blown smile, chat with clerks about nothing and steer it to something personal. If you tell people about your life don’t tell them the truth. If you are a teacher tell them you fix cars for a living. When you order drinks, if you normally drink coffee order tea. And so on. This is a bit extreme, but you are only doing this for one day. By the end of this opposite day, if you made it this far, I can guarantee you will feel exhausted. Even if some parts were somewhat thrilling and fun, you would be glad to go back to your regular self.

This is an everyday life for a sociopath. We are doing a lot of things every day that are opposite of who we are. This is fun sometimes, but after a while it can get exhausting. It is nice to be ourselves sometimes. So we blog.

This of course is not the only reason. If you went through that opposite day, you have met and talked to a lot of people, but you have connected with none as you lied about who you are. Internet is a wonderful thing, where you can be what you want to be with minimal repercussions. So as sociopath this seems like a great way to meet like minded individuals, who can take off a mask. Now when I say connected I don’t mean emotionally, I mean intellectually. People sometimes assume that Sociopaths have no problems and need no help, but sometimes we can use a bit of advice ourselves. It is useful to know others who are like you.

Reason number three, would be a thrill. A pure basic thrill of saying, hey I am a sociopath! Mostly because there are so many people who want to reach for their pitch forks and jab you in the eye. As you may know a lot of sociopaths have a very limited fear response are adrenaline junkies. It is hard to say that in real life, we are not crazy after all, but blogs are great for that.

And this brings me to reason number four. People have a general idea of a sociopath that is synonymous with evil. This is not really the case. Sociopath blog because sometimes we think it will help clear away some of the cobwebs and shine the light on the real thing. This is actually beneficial to our survival. There are too many people writing condemning books and inciting a lot of hate towards sociopaths. I have no desire to end up forcefully committed one day because the fear mongers manage to convince the general population that we are something so evil that just the idea that we exist will terrify you. Because if history taught us anything, is that everything that is misunderstood, feared or makes a good scape goat sooner or letter will end up tortured and killed, or at the very least falsely imprisoned.

I am sure there are also the whole narcissistic aspect for this for some of us. There are few others I might have missed, I tried to stay as general and as impersonal as I could for this. If you do the opposite day, do tell me how it went for you, I am a very curious being.
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4 Responses Feb 10, 2013

What u say is true, but why do need to proof, and says something about u

Why are you typing in English if you don't speak it? Don't you see your comment is useless?

I am really talking to a sick person

This is incredible. The use of metaphor was perfectly executed. In so few words, you have taken the definition of our ethereal, transitory lives, and given it substance and depth.

I have struggled to explain the burden we bear, the weight of the ever-present mask, for a long time. You have accomplished this effortlessly. Simply amazing.

wow, I've been lying to everyone for years and didn't even realize it.

Wonderful. Absolutely brilliant. This summed up what many people have been asking us on this site for years.
The exhausting part, so true. I actually stopped pretending for a month because I was so tired of everything. It was a bad month.
This was beautifully written. There are many people on this "Forum" or website who claim to be sociopaths and I can almost tell immediately by how they write that they aren't. It's good to see another true sociopath here.

I am trying to find my voice, something that is somewhat honest without being too personally honest. I have been more outgoing on these forums lately, I found two more sociopaths one male and one female. Talking with them was most enlightening. It is true, there is a weird number of people who think they are sociopaths. They persist on taking extreme characteristic, it almost becomes something straight out of Hollywood. Most of them are somewhat entertaining though.

Talking to sociopaths here is nice. I have found 1 other sociopath in my actual life and talking to him is wonderfully enlightening.
As you said to the adrenaline rush aspect of these forums. In my first story posted as well as my profile I have opened it up so an intelligent person could figure out who I am.

They are as entertaining as they are frustrating and confusing.